Why choose Argon as a TIG or MIG welding gas?

There are many different applications for welding across several industries. However, the outcome and process are generally the same, fusing together two workpieces made from metal. Whether you are TIG or MIG welding, you need to be certain the join is going to provide stability and hold effectively. In order to achieve this, you’ll require a high-quality shielding gas. Pure argon gas is provided by us regularly to various customers since it offers multiple benefits for welding applications.

Pure Argon Gas – An Overview

Argon makes up around 0.93% of our Earth’s atmosphere and is a tasteless, colourless, and odourless gas. It’s an inert gas, and so doesn’t react with any other gases. As a result, it’s perfect for use as a welding shielding gas. As it is also non-flammable, it’s an excellent choice for welding applications, during which the temperature may reach as high as 3871 degrees Celsius. Not only does argon not support combustion, it’s also a non-toxic gas, but since it can decrease the level of oxygen in the air, it’s crucial to have good ventilation when using it as a TIG or MIG welding gas.

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Why Are Shielding Gases Essential Welding Consumables?

Using a shielding gas as a MIG or TIG gas for shielding ensures that the weld that you’re applying to your workpiece will not be contaminated by other elements within the work environment. While you can keep the workplace free from any pollutants, you should remember there is oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen in the air itself, and they may cause issues like excess splatter or porosity should they make contact with molten metal, compromising the join and posing a danger, especially if you’re working with a life-supporting structure like a bridge, or with an automotive or aerospace repair. Using a high-quality MIG or TIG gas like argon will ensure your weld holds strongly.

Why Choose Argon As A TIG Or MIG Welding Gas?

Due to its inert nature, argon can provide the stability necessary for safety if you’re heating up metal to an extremely high temperature during welding. Furthermore, it ensures a strong bond that is still minimal and clean between two workpieces thanks to its narrow penetration profile.

When using argon as a MIG welding gas, you should use mix of argon and carbon dioxide gases. Our Hobbyweld 15 gas is ideal for mobile, onsite, and agricultural welding while our Hobbyweld 5 gas is perfectly suited to automotive restoration welding applications.

If you’re using argon as a TIG gas for welding, you’ll need pure argon gas to ensure the weld is clean without any oxidisation.

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Why Is Pure Argon Gas Best For TIG Welding?

Pure argon gas is best as a TIG gas for shielding for several reasons:

  • As it is heavier than the air, it can completely protect your weld.
  • It guards against the burn through of any thinner materials.
  • It offers a narrow, reliable and consistent arc for greater precision.
  • It needs less voltage and power when TIG welding, making it a more affordable option.

Why Use A CO2/Argon Mix As A MIG Welding Gas?

A mix of carbon dioxide and argon is the best MIG welding gas since it ensures:

  • Fewer undercuts and splatters together with a smooth output.
  • A more stable arc.
  • Deeper penetration from the weld pool.
  • The optimal amount of heat to twist and bend metal.

Is Argon Gas Safe?

As argon gas is both inert and stable, as well as non-flammable and non-toxic, it’s relatively safe for use during welding applications. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to take standard safety precautions when handling any bottled pressurised gas, and to be aware of the potential risk of asphyxiation during use. Oxygen is replaced by argon in the air, which leads to drowsiness, rapid breathing, headaches, and nausea. To protect yourself from such risks, you need to use the correct equipment and keep the workplace well-ventilated. You should also take frequent breaks if you’re working for an extended period of time.

Where Can I Buy Welding Consumables?

As a trusted welding gas supplier with more than four decades of experience in the industry, you can rely on innergy for all your gas bottle delivery needs. We can supply both pure argon gas and CO2/argon mixes that are suitable for MIG and TIG welding applications. Along with Hobbyweld, we have a variety of gas bottles in different sizes available too from various trusted suppliers. To find out more about our welding gas and consumables, get in touch with the innergy team today.