Why Is The 19kg Propane Gas Bottle The Best Choice For Mobile Catering?

As a mobile caterer, you’re no doubt looking forward to the spring and summer seasons. After all, these are the most important times of the year for your industry. Catering vans are in great demand during the warmer months for concerts, music events, and festivals as well as for weddings and other parties, fairs, and more. With that in mind, you need to know which bottle of propane gas to choose to get your job done to the highest possible standard, and the 19kg propane is definitely the number one option.

Cook On Gas While You’re On The Go

As the weather warms up and we head towards the peak summer season, snack vans really come into their own, providing delicious food for hungry people who are attending events nationwide. Yet, whether you’re rustling up burgers or making gourmet snacks on the move, you’re going to need to have the right fuel to keep your burners operational. That’s where the 19kg gas cylinder comes in.

LPG is the safest and simplest option to use when you’re cooking on the go. Quick and easy to get going and effectively controlled, propane makes catering just as convenient with bottled gas as with the mains.

Which Equipment Do I Need A 19kg Propane Gas Bottle For?

Any mobile catering business uses a variety of equipment to prepare delicious and speedy meals. From the stove to the deep fat fryer, and from the grill to the gas water tank, a 19kg propane gas bottle will meet all your needs.

Red cylinder of Flogas 19kg propane gas

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Bottle Of Propane Gas?

Propane gas is easily portable, extremely reliable and highly versatile making it an ideal option as a catering fuel for your mobile food van. It can also be found nationwide, so it’s a convenient choice. Even better, it’s extremely cost effective, especially when you buy from a trusted supplier like innergy, so you can be confident of getting the very best value for money.

The heat produced by propane gas is evenly spread over the whole hob, leaving no unwanted cold or hot spots that will negatively impact your food preparation – something that’s absolutely crucial when running a mobile catering service where speed and safety are paramount. Also, thanks to its lower carbon output, you’ll find your cleaning times get slashed in half as there’ll be fewer hard-to-remove black marks on your pans’ undersides.

Propane gas offers another benefit too – only a small amount of water vapour will be released during the cooking process, ensuring your food remains succulently moist and making certain your customers are delighted with their purchase.

Last, but not least, propane is also an eco-friendly choice – something that’s a significant selling point in today’s increasingly environmentally conscious times. Your customers will be pleased to know that they’re doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint while also enjoying a delicious burger or tasty hot dog!

Why Choose A 19kg Gas Cylinder?

You’ll find LPG gas available in a variety of sizes, including an 11kg bottle, 6kg propane gas cylinders, and even a small-size 3.5kg bottle.  However the 19kg gas cylinder is the best choice for mobile caterers thanks to its larger size which makes it suitable for commercial applications. With a 19kg gas bottle, you’ll have plenty of fuel to get your job done with minimal downtime and speedy food preparation for your customers’ satisfaction.

Why Purchase Propane Gas Bottles From innergy?

Your next question might be where can I get 19kg propane gas refill price near me? innergy is proud to be a top choice amongst mobile caterers for all their gas bottle requirements. We have six depots across the North of England so you’re guaranteed that we deliver to your location wherever you are.

No matter what type of food van you’re operating, we can supply you with our high-quality 19kg propane gas cylinders or either a refill and exchange basis or as new cylinder, making it extremely convenient and cost-effective to purchase from us.

We’re a reputable lpg supplier with unbeatable prices, combined with our exclusive customer delight guarantee, you’ll be confident of receiving the very best service from our team of gas experts. So contact us today and learn more about how we’re able to meet your mobile catering fuel needs and to get your quote. You can look forward to a great summer of successful catering with innergy as your propane partner!