We are pleased to announce the results of May’s Customer Delight.

Gold – Winner, £30

Steve Kirk
Every month he is the one branch that has his stock count in on time and with no variances. Steve has become a lot easier to work with. He is learning new things a lot quicker and the calls from him have gone from 10 times a day to rarely 1.

I would like to recommend Steve in Knottingley for a reward. Steve has been very helpful in providing me with potential Calor customers that he feels are sizeable and worthwhile to approach since our move to Flogas. He has a lot of experience and has provided me with some very worthwhile suggestions. Steve has also been accommodating at making deliveries to new customers at short notice and all deliveries have been made on time. Steve always tries to assist where possible and he lets me know should there be a problem so that I can work with the customer to resolve the issue.

Silver – Winner, £20
Chris Fennell

Well done Chris for cutting the grass in Goole in your break time, it looks fab.

Chris is always a pleasure to work with and his great attitude at work is ever consistent, whilst covering Goole last week Chris found himself with an hour to spare as the so called ‘to do list’ had been completed. Here is where most would grab a brew and have 10 minutes as we all know lugging gas bottles around all day is very demanding, not Chris – he took on the task of grass cutting, strimming and de-weeding the Goole site.

Bronze – Winner, £10
Tyler Carr

I wish to nominate Tyler for amazing customer service on Saturday 4th May. A customer Waheed Ullah had ordered gas for delivery on Friday 3rd May. He called the office and was shouting and upset because his gas was not delivered. Tyler kindly offered to take his order in his car after work at 12 noon so Mr Ullah could operate his business without being asked. To be fair, he saved the day!!

He is very polite, courteous, always smiling, helpful, gets the job done with no messing from The Mobile Chef.

Always turns up with a smile on his face and always happy ? Stan Ellis.

He is so warm every day. I look forward to his bright smile and nothing is a problem from Mary Kearnan GPI Packaging.

Tyler is very helpful and always good for a chat¬ from Nigel Sunbeam Ales.


Other Nominees were:

Adrian Paslaru – Leeds

Adrian had a week from hell last week, we had Dan Higginson on his ADR training and Chris Fennell covering in Goole, this left Adrian on his own covering our North Yorkshire operation, with some very unrealistic delivery run schedules. As always Adrian knuckled down and worked overtime a couple of evenings to ensure all our customers got their deliveries as planned. Staff members like Adrian are one of the reasons our customers hold us in such high regard.

Dan Higginson- Leeds
Danny has worked 4 out of 8 Saturday’s and on Saturday am he unloaded Tyler’s wagon from Friday. One of these Saturday’s he was clearly ‘unwell’ Well done Dan! He never complains.

Dan assisted customer to fit his new regulator to Butane. Customer highly praised Danny for his help and advice and tried to tip Danny £5. Said he will definitely be returning as the service is fab.

Clare Stenton- Leeds
Clare hasn’t had an easy month, she has been fatigued and unwell. But her attitude is great, she comes in happier and this has been remarked upon several times by colleagues who have known her a while. She has been pleasant and friendly.

I would like to nominate Clare Stenton. As I have been of poorly and wasn’t too brilliant when I came in today – she took my 3 day back log of filing – this will be a massive help to me – much appreciated. Thank you Clare.

Sian Fennell – Leeds
Constantly enforces Customer Delight and makes sure nothing is left undone,. She is very patient with colleagues and customers. Another month of outstanding, accurate work.


Tristan Lawton- Mitchell- Leeds
Good Afternoon Tristan, you are by far the best value supplier of the barbeque that I wanted and I must admit that I was expecting a cheaper generic cover and tools to suit. I was delighted to see that the cover and tools were Char-broil brands when they arrived. I would recommend that you advertise that fact!

I am delighted with my purchase and, weather permitting, will be using it for the first time next week. Hope these comments assist you. Thanks for your service. I would have no hesitation in recommending you. Thank you Tristan

I left a brief message on the ‘contact you’ page of your website.

We have been away in Scotland since the day after the BBQ arrived so didn’t put it together till we came back last weekend.

Haven’t used it yet either, not even fired it up yet. Will send you feedback once used in anger.

Been very pleased with the BBQ so far and the service has been excellent.

Special thanks to you Tristan, excellent service. And thanks for the Butrub.

Barbecue just arrived! Very impressed, unbelievably fast delivery considering I only ordered it yesterday. But sadly, no Butt Rub to be found anywhere ?Guess that was just for last week ? From Jason Vine.

Tristan has been very helpful providing sales information to me recently from inbound calls. She has informed me when a customer has had a price query so that we have been able to resolve this immediately. She ahs also provided me with a couple of leads for potential new customers straight away which has enabled me to contact the customer the customer immediately which is key to securing new business.

Dave- Dewsbury
I want to nominate Dave Norton, he is friendly and nothing is too much trouble. He is always cheerful and even when it goes a bit wrong sometimes, he always tries his hardest. As a new recruit Dave has taken on customer delight with his colleagues as much as the customers.