When we received a call from Kyle, an exasperated local business owner who had run out of places to turn to for bottled gas, we were determined to help.

Kyle owns a security business and he prides himself on providing a trusted service. Kyle provides CCTV monitoring systems that are powered by cylinders of hydrogen gas and the system is unable to work correctly without this vital supply. Kyle had been let down numerous times by his previous gas supplier so he decided to cut all ties in this relationship. Unbeknown and unfortunately for Kyle, the fittings and cylinders of hydrogen provided by his previous supplier are very unique so he was left without a viable alternative for several weeks.

Kyle had contacted all of the major industrial gas companies in the hope that they could assist with his problem but none of them were able to offer a suitable solution. This is when Kyle turned to innergy.

Kyle telephoned our Head Office and relayed his query to a member of our Customer Support team who immediately passed the information to Luke who is our Business Development Manager. Luke made contact with Kyle within fifteen minutes of his original enquiry in order to arrange a suitable time to visit him to visualise the requirements in person.

Kyle had very specific requirements which are relatively unique within the industry. So, in order to be able to provide Kyle with the best possible advice when on site, Luke contacted one of supply partners called Barry via video link in order to obtain advice from an expert with over thirty years’ experience in the industry. The video link call allowed Luke to show Barry a live demonstration of the configuration of the CCTV monitoring unit. At first, even our expert was a little baffled! However, after a few minutes of assessing the unit in detail, Barry was able to offer a fantastic solution to the problem!

We were able to discuss the problem and the solution during one single telephone call in order to solve the issue. Barry immediately placed an order for the relevant equipment and cylinders to be delivered to us on a next day delivery service which enabled us to immediately deliver the goods to the customer.

Within a day of contacting innergy, we had found a solution to Kyle’s problem when all others seem to have failed and weren’t prepared to visit the customer in person. Kyle couldn’t thank us enough for all our help. The CCTV monitoring units are now back up and running and we have another happy customer on board.

Do you have a gas requirement that you would like us to help with? Call us now on 0113 307 9050 and one of our team will be in touch to help.”