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Flogas For Forklifts

A Flogas powered fork lift truck could really give your business a lift.

A Flogas powered fork lift truck could really give your business a lift.

innergy Group believe we are true experts in supplying Flogas cylinders for forklift trucks – we are the largest distributor in the UK. We can provide advice and guidance on all technical matters including gas usage, storage, H&S requirements and manual handling recommendations.

The Benefits of Propane Gas for Forklift trucks

More versatile than a diesel or electric powered fork lift truck, bottled propane offers businesses of every size a range of highly impressive benefits.

  • Lower emissions making it suitable in sensitive environments
  • Equally at home inside and out
  • Can tackle steep gradients
  • Doesn’t require lengthy recharge times.

If you’re thinking of using LPG to power your forklift trucks, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option. By using LPG, you can avoid issues with battery disposal, harmful fumes and messy spillages.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Forklifts that are fuelled by LPG have found to produce up to 97% less particulate matter and 23% less CO2 compared to forklifts that use diesel when lifting a one tonne load. Research has shown that when a LPG forklift has been fitted with a three-way catalyst, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide emissions were reduced to almost next to nothing. With LPG forklifts you significantly reduce the risk of contamination from spillages because LPG vaporises which means a cleaner and less hazardous working environment and will see your carbon footprint reduced.

Superior Control & Manoeuvrability

"Compact" gas trucks are more manoeuvrable than “yard design” diesel forklifts, due to the solid cushion tyres and compact chassis compared with larger diameter tyres and increased clearances around the wheel arches of diesel trucks.


The performance characteristics of LPG powered trucks are usually superior to electric and diesel powered equivalents. Travel speeds, rates of acceleration, and lift speeds usually outperform their electric and diesel rivals because of better power to weight ratios and more responsive engines. The service weight of gas trucks is generally less than their electric and diesel stable mates. Vibration levels of LPG trucks at the driver’s seat are also lower than diesel trucks.

Use LPG forklifts inside and outside

As LPG forklifts which have significantly reduced emissions when compared to diesel forklifts you can run LPG forklifts indoors as they have reduced particle emissions which mean no soot marks or marks on warehouse goods. Unlike electric forklifts which can struggle with difficult terrain, LPG forklifts are unaffected which mean you can use LPG forklifts inside and outside.

Quieter than diesel forklifts

LPG forklifts have been shown to be up to 10 decibels quieter than diesel forklifts. This can be of great benefit especially where you require to operate forklifts during the night.

Managed Supply

Innergy Group can manage your gas through our "business response service" where we assume responsibility for maintaining your LPG supply – no more running out of gas when you are so busy you forget to order.