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At innergy, we supply commercial gas for a variety of sectors and uses, from cylinders used by the agricultural and hospitality industries, to gas for construction and automotive use. We offer same-day and next-day delivery and pride ourselves on our responsive, respected and personable service.


Our 19kg and 47kg gas cylinders are frequently purchased by and delivered by repeat order to farmers and agricultural sites throughout the county. They are suitable for powering farming machinery such as tractors and ploughs, as well as for the efficient heating of large agricultural spaces and farm homes.


Our 19kg gas cylinders are perfect for mobile catering; our clients include burger and snack vans, to name a few. We also supply a range of beer gases, which are predominately used by bars, pubs and restaurants. Our 11kg gas cylinders are also suitable for barbecues and patio heaters, and we have a selection of solid fuels available too – including restaurant-grade charcoal.


We often supply gas cylinders to lodges, park homes and holiday homes, to name a few. Our 47kg and 19kg gas cylinders are perfect for supplying energy to accommodation in place of gas mains. You can even place a regular order with us, so your gas arrives at the same time each month, or whenever you’re running low, so you’re always ahead and running an efficient business.


Our gases include Air Liquide beer gases, which are used widely by distilleries, as well as 47kg gas cylinders, which are used for the efficient heating of industrial spaces. Our offering also includes welding gases by Air Products and Buse, which are widely used by a variation of industries including fabricators and automotive repair garages.


11kg and 18kg Flogas bottled gas is a much more efficient way to power forklift trucks than electricity or diesel, which are not only difficult to track but can also waste considerable time on-site due to recharging or refilling. LPG for forklift trucks ensures minimal downtime while also remaining an affordable choice for construction firms and industrial projects of all sizes.


One of the main uses of our gases is transportation. We supply gas cylinders for forklift trucks, as well as autogas and other products such as welding consumables used by the wider industry. The welding gases we supply are used widely by automotive garages to repair the body of vehicles. Our gases are also used to power machinery such as the equipment used to paint road and field markings, for instance.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, our range of gas products is extensive, covering almost every industry. Please contact us directly with what it is you’re looking for and a member of our team will get in touch promptly with some suggestions, including prices and availability.

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