Crop Drying

Dry grain and crops with peace of mind. LPG leaves no residue, is cost-efficient and removes the risk of spills while providing you with maximum control of the drying process.

The benefits of LPG

LPG cylinders are increasingly becoming the go-to for crop drying, or grain drying, in agriculture. Not only is it cleaner to burn, which means no residue or soot build up on equipment, but it also has significantly less CO2 emissions, which is ideal if you’re an agricultural business looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

Our Flogas LPG cylinders are highly controllable and are reliable, enabling you to dry your crop to the exact specifications set out by the buyer. Not to mention, burners using bottled gas require less maintenance, so you spend less time and money maintaining your equipment.

Finally, bottled gas also comes with little to no risk of theft; other fuels, such as diesel, are highly susceptible to theft – farmers in the UK lose millions of pounds every year.

What our customers think

When speaking to our customers about why they choose LPG for crop drying, the feedback we hear most is how reassuring it is to know that bottled gas does not leave residue on dried crops, which not only reduces processing and related costs, but also ensures a consistent, high-quality end product.

With non-LPG fuels, there is also a risk of spillages, which can in the worse-case scenario destroy an entire crop. However, with Flogas LPG cylinders, there is no risk of spills, which means you never need to worry about your product being tainted.

LPG cylinders are a highly cost-efficient way of drying in agricultural environments; it gives you complete control of the process and, thanks to how easy it is to control your burner, means you can tailor your product to what your clients want without ever risking handing over a sub-par product.

Why choose innergy?

With more than 10 years of experience in providing LPG cylinders to the agricultural field, at innergy, we’re experts in bottled gas and know exactly what our clients want and need to ensure a high-quality crop while making sure the drying process is as easy as possible.

We offer same-day and next-day delivery throughout Yorkshire and the Humber, which means if you’re ever caught off guard and have less fuel than you thought, you can simply call us and we’ll get a delivery out to you as soon as possible.

Many of the agricultural clients we supply have been using innergy for over a decade and appreciate our reliable, personable and friendly service. That’s why they choose to come back again and again – and many even have recurring orders with us, such as a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery.

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