Forklift Trucks

Ensure maximum cost and fuel efficiency when you choose LPG to power your fleet of forklift trucks. With LPG, there is no risk of spills or leaks and, better still, you’re choosing a greener fuel with considerably less CO2 output than petrol or diesel. Bottled gas is fast, affordable and efficient.

The benefits of LPG

Using LPG for forklift trucks (FLTs) can save you heaps of time as it’s quick to replace, unlike electricity which takes considerable time to recharge and petrol which can be very messy.

Bottled gas is also a much greener way to fuel your FLT fleet, as it emits much less CO2 than diesel. With that, it also leaves no residue, so you can worry less about potentially damaging build up in your forklifts engine.

Using bottled gas for FLTs completely eradicates the risk of spills and leaks, which can not only cost you financially but also be reputationally damaging for your business – particularly if you’re working on a site with tight deadlines, where there’s no time for hiccups.

Our LPG cylinders are an affordable way to fuel forklifts too, thanks to the cost being up to 30% lower than petrol, which means you have more money to put into other areas of your business.

What our customers think

It’s the flexibility of LPG that our FLT customers admire the most. The cylinders are easy to transport, which means you don’t always need to worry about receiving deliveries on-site if you don’t want to, which can save you time that’s better spent doing the job you’re being paid for.

Thanks to the green properties of LPG, many of our clients also comment on how nice it is to use a fuel that doesn’t leave a nasty, polluting smell wherever it goes.

Our manufacturing and construction clients, who make up most of our FLT clients, have also been surprised by how easy it is to convert to liquified petroleum gas. There are hundreds of garages around the UK ready to convert for a competitive price, so if you don’t already have LPG engines, your fleet soon can.

Why choose innergy?

The reason we’re the go-to for LPG and bottled gas is our extensive experience. We’re been operating in this sector for more than 10 years, which means we’ve seen how it’s developed and thoroughly understand every sector that uses LPG, what they use it for and how much they use.

Our personable team of specialists are always on-hand to answer questions from both new and long-running clients, so when you choose us as your supplier you can rest assured that there’s always someone that you can rely on, that truly knows what they’re doing, at the end of the phone.

We are based in Leeds and operate predominately throughout Yorkshire and the Humber, where we offer a same-day and next-day delivery service, so you can always get your hands on the fuel you need when you need it. We also offer a recurring delivery service, where we will deliver the same, or a varying, quantity of bottled gas to your site, or warehouse, at the same time you require.

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