Game Rearing

Choose LPG for poultry farming for cost efficiency and to eradicate the risk of spills and leaks. With our efficient and reliable delivery and personable service, you’re in good hands.

The Benefits of LPG

When rearing game, it’s crucial that the temperature of your brooder house is consistent if you want your birds to be their best. If it’s too warm, you risk causing new chicks heat stroke, and if it’s too cold your birds will go off their food and their activity will suffer.

Our Flogas LPG cylinders are ideal for rearing game. It burns clean and delivers a moist heat, which promotes faster growth. It is also incredibly cost-efficient, so you can create the ideal environment for your poultry without your profit suffering. In turn, your poultry will feed and sleep in an optimal space, which ensures a high-quality product when the time comes.

The great thing about LPG is that it leaves no fuel residue, which means it does not contaminate feed. Bottled gas also poses no risk of leakage, unlike alternative fuels, which means you can rest assured that your stock is safe year-round.

What Our Customers Think

We supply poultry farmers, as well as farmers rearing a selection of animals, with gas cylinders for game rearing year-round. Most of our clients have ongoing orders with us, so they receive the gas they need when they need it.

The reason many of our clients choose LPG for rearing is that it is reliable and cost-effective. Using bottled gas allows you to clearly track what quantity of gas you’re using, which makes balancing the books easier.

LPG is also the safest fuel you can use to heat your brooder house, as it is not susceptible to spills and leaves no residue, which means you’re never at risk of damaging your feed or, more importantly, your game.

Why Choose innergy?

With more than 10 years of experience in the LPG and bottled gas sector, we are one of the leading suppliers of gas products in Yorkshire and the Humber.

There are many agricultural clients we supply to gas who have been with us for over a decade, and they’ve never looked elsewhere thanks to our reliable and personable service.

At innergy, we’re proud to have a knowledgeable, experienced team that are on-hand to provide you with the expertise you need – whatever questions you have, just ask.

We offer same-day and next-day delivery throughout the local area, so your next supply of gas is never very far away should you need it.

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