Forklift Truck Gas

Your forklift gas needs met. Fuel your fleet with our LPG propane gas.

Diesel is expensive and releases a considerable amount of CO2, so it’s terrible for your business’ carbon footprint. Similarly, electricity is costly and comes with high upfront costs too, such as stocking up on batteries for recharging, which is also slow.

Meanwhile, LPG is an affordable and efficient way to fuel everything from a single forklift truck (FLT) to an entire fleet, regardless of your business’ size.

LPG gives you an opportunity to use as much fuel as you need, when you need it. You no longer need to worry about costly spillages either, which means your business can function optimally.

At innergy, our 18kg gas cylinders are our most popular for forklift trucks, however, our 11kg cylinders are also often used for smaller vehicles. Our clients often use both.

We can deliver same-day or next-day, so you never need to worry when your supply’s getting low. Better still, with our Business Response service, you can have your gas delivered regularly without even picking up the phone. Just tell us you need a top-up every two weeks and we’ll be there.

LPG vs Diesel

It’s no surprise that LPG is cleaner than diesel, which is why many businesses are choosing to switch to LPG as a means to a greener business – a small change that benefits the world.

LPG is efficient in other ways, too. Refuelling with LPG takes minutes – you don’t need to worry about charging batteries like with electricity – which means your business is always working at optimum productivity with very little downtime.

Did you know: LPG forklift trucks are often cheaper than diesel and electric equivalents, so your upfront costs are reduced even further.

Explore our range of forklift gas below. Need a larger supply? Contact us to request a quote.

LPG Diesel Electric
Maintains power 24/7
Suitable for indoors & outdoors
Performs well on uneven and steep surfaces
Minimal maintence
Fast refuelling
Cleaner burning & longer engine life
Cerfified Co2 Savings
Sustainably sourced fuel
Reduced carbon footprint
Quieter and smoother
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