Need some help connecting your gas bottle to your patio heater? Here’s a handy guide on how you can connect your gas bottle using just a few easy and simple steps.

  1. Ensure that your gas patio heater is positioned on a safe and flat surface away from any nearby trees, hedges or overhead obstructions. Place your patio gas bottle inside the body of the patio heater
  2. Check that you have the right gas bottle to connect to your patio heater
  3. Most patio heaters are supplied with a hose and regulator attached, it is important to check that they are the correct size, clean and fit for use, ensure that your regulator is switched to the off setting . Firmly push the gas regulator down onto the gas bottle valve pressing until you hear it click, when you hear a click this indicates that the regulator is in place. If the valve is connected properly you should be able to rotate the regulator slightly
  4. The gas can now be turned on, to turn the gas on at the bottle – turn the regulator switch half anti-clockwise to the on position. You will be able to hear a slight hiss as the gas comes through. Your patio heater is now ready to use – sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoors for longer