Armley Junktion is the world’s first pay-as-you-feel cafe serving completely intercepted food destined for food waste.

Meals are served to customers who can donate anything in terms of money or time that their means will allow. This allows those who may have fallen on hard times to receive good food without the cafe having to worry about financial profit.

We love this Charity.

Sadly, this week the cafe has been broken in to. The owners of the property actually issued an apology to the burglar and an invitation to them to ask for support in future rather than attempting to steal from the cafe. The owners of the cafe fully understand the desperation of many in the community that may have contributed to the attempted burglary.

The apology was covered by the Yorkshire Post:

We immediately made a significant contribution towards repairs.

Armley Junktion are always gratefully looking for volunteers and donations and can be contacted via their webpage: