Catering van owner Barry Abel, made a call to our supplier requesting assistance to help the local flood victims by donating a supply of 19kg cylinders to be used on their van to feed the York Flood victims and volunteers alike. The van was fittingly named ‘Fossy’s Flossys’ after the River Foss, which had flooded.

On Boxing Day waters reached approximately the height of the catering van at their peak, leaving victims with little or no cooking facilities. Local Care Worker Michaela Robinson & her daughter Jade decided to help out. They started with just a paste table and a camping stove but soon were donated the use of a redundant catering van. Barry also sought help from other local businesses who chipped in with a Porta cabin, Furniture, Gazebo and food supplies.

Derek Morris (Sales Rep) arranged for a supply of free 19kgs with the help of local Retailer Kutters & Shannon

Over 3 months after the flood, work is still going on and Fossys Flossys are needed as much as ever!

Well Done to All and keep up the good work.