Customer Delight is not just customer satisfaction – that is too bland. It’s not merely getting the right gas to the customer at the right time… it’s ringing the customer to tell them that we are 30 minutes away, carrying the cylinder to the required location. Not leaving a mess behind, having a pleasant chat with our customers.  Here at innergy, we want our staff to leave our customers with a smile on their face.

It’s not just answering the telephone on three rings and taking an accurate order, it’s answering in a positive manner, taking the time to ask about their day, knowing the customers first name. And our Delighting Philosophy isn’t limited to external customers… as a company we need to take care of each other – internal Customer Delight.

In December 2019, we crowned Tristan as our Customer Delight Queen! We also measured, for our interest and as some fun, the number of Customer Delight nominations per Depot/Function.

In our inaugural Customer Delight Champions League the winners were…….

  • The Admin Team, with 71 nominations
  • Leeds Driver Team came second with 61 and Goole were third with 37 nominations
  • Dewsbury scored 20, Harrogate 19 and Knottingley 14 nominations


£25 Love-to-Shop vouchers were awarded to all members of the Leeds Driver Team and £15 each to Lee and Rocco at Goole.

The Leeds Admin team were awarded with a meal out at a venue and date of their choosing. Congratulations ladies!

Congratulations to all prize winners and remember that Customer Delight is easy to achieve and makes a real difference to the success of innergy Group.