Last week the English FA announced that both the men’s and women’s national teams are being paid the same appearance fee to represent their country.

Our MD’s thoughts were “That’s great”. Then he saw that women in the European Union, earn on average, 16% less than men? “Not so great”.

From there, he chose not to speculate on the reasons. He didn’t know enough to offer an informed opinion and social media is already swamped with uninformed opinion.

He did look at the pay structure here at innergy Group.

Overall, female colleagues are paid 97% compared to their equivalent male counterparts. Some room for improvement. But when you also add in our three long standing contractors the ratio ends up at 106% – in favour of innergy women.

How did we get there? Simply employing the right person for the job and then rewarding effort and performance. It probably helps that 60% of the innergy senior management team are women.