Industrial gases are gaseous materials that are produced for commercial use. Gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other gas mixtures are collected and stored inside cylinders or containers for distribution. 

At innergy, we provide gas cylinders of acetylene, oxygen, argon and argon mixes. These gases can then be used in industries such as metal fabrication, manufacturing, and automotive. These gases are also commonly used for welding

Extreme care is required when handling and transporting these different gases types, but why do we need specialised cylinders for them? Well, here is why.

High-Pressure Industrial Gas Cylinders 

Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide are all common industrial gases transported via a high-pressure gas cylinder; these cylinders are made up of aluminium or steel. Gases under high pressure can be hazardous, so having them inspected regularly and stored correctly is vital.

Buse Industrial Gases

Acetylene Cylinders 

Acetylene is a very efficient fuel. It can reach scorching temperatures, which is what you want for industrial welding and cutting. Although it is a very efficient gas, it can be precarious to use as it can have a dangerous chemical reaction known as decomposition; this occurs if too much heat is generated and the gas ignites itself. 

For this reason, Acetylene has to be stored differently from other gases. The gas has to be dissolved and stored within specialised cylinders that have been designed with porous filler material to help keep it safe and stable.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG Cylinders)

LPG is used for many different things, from cooking to fuelling forklift trucks. LPG is a highly flammable substance, as well as being an asphyxiant. Hence, handling and storing these in the correct LPG cylinders designed to hold this gas safely is extremely important.

Worker loading pallet with a lpgmforklift into a truck.