innergy Group are one of the fastest growing UK suppliers of drinks dispense gases to bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels. As part of becoming true industry experts and to help us better understand the needs of our customers two of our employees, Jody Morris and Gez Walsh, recently studied for a BIIAB Pub Management qualification. Hosted at the wonderful Black Sheep Brewery in Masham by Cask Marque the programme included Managing a beer cellar effectively, Hygiene, Temperature & Stock Control and Dispense – serving the Perfect Pint.

All trainees enjoyed the experience of learning to pull the perfect pint but as most people had driven to the rural location of Masham there was a real danger of wastage from the undrunk pints. Gez bravely stepped in to the breach as he had shared a car with his colleague Jody and helped to finish a number of the freshly pulled, and very delicious, pints. Despite, or perhaps because, of this both Gez and Jody passed the final exam with flying colours.

innergy employees regularly take industry qualifications in the markets in which they operate, including welding and BBQ cooking, so they can better assist and advise their customers. And they are great fun too.