innergy Group Limited are one of the fastest growing independent suppliers of industrial energy and equipment in the UK. We supply a wide array of products ranging from LPG, drinks dispense gases and welding gases to oils, lubricants and greases, solid fuels as well as welding & gas equipment so my role within the company as a Business Development Manager (BDM) is extremely varied and diverse.

Just like many, the working day usually begins with a rude awakening from that typically over-zealous alarm clock that we have all grown to loathe over the years! However, the BDM role within innergy encompasses being the hub of a busy, rapidly growing and ambitious organisation so there is little time for remaining comfortably positioned under the duvet. Instead, I usually reluctantly spring out of bed to a pre-planned day typically consisting of a variety of different activities.

‘Customer Delight’ is central to how we operate at innergy. Whilst many companies are content at just satisfying their customers, our ambition is to ‘delight’ our customers in all areas. As the BDM within the company, I think that it is only right that I am a key champion of this central philosophy and it is for this exact reason that I strive to spend as much of my working day as possible with potential, new and existing customers. No business is the same so time spent with our customers is invaluable as this enables me to ascertain their needs and understand the matters that are important them. It is this key understanding of our customers businesses that differentiates us from the competition and allows me to assist with all areas of customer service thus ensuring that the support received from innergy is consistently beyond expectation.

Talking of the competition, I like to spend some of my day keeping a keen eye on some of their activities! If we are to continue to be the best in a highly competitive market place in terms of both the prices that we charge and the service that we provide then it is only natural that we must continually review our progress against our main competitors. I have made the responsibility of providing regular market and competitor data insight to my colleagues an intrinsic part of my role. We rarely find instances where our competitors are able to offer a better all-round package for a customer than ourselves, but when we do it is my responsibility to make a positive change!

The wonderful expansion of innergy in recent years is testament to both my long-serving colleagues for their continued hard work and determination and to our customers for their loyalty and support. It is important to me that this impressive growth continues as through expansion comes greater benefits for the customers that we endeavor to ‘delight’. Greater economies of scale allow us to be more competitive in the market, more depots ensure enhanced convenience for customers that choose to collect their goods from us and a greater number of delivery vehicles on the road allows us to serve our customers more efficiently. As the continued expansion of innergy is pivotal to my role, the remainder of a typical working day is usually spent assuming responsibility for the expansion of the innergy core customer base and product offerings. In conjunction with the expansion of existing business areas comes the broadening of new horizons for me and innergy as a whole. My role also assumes key undertakings for developing a clear strategy to ensure successful geographic expansion, introducing new products to our ever-expanding range and securing new customers. So, in the unlikely event that I do happen to find myself with a little bit of spare time, you will most probably find me in a quiet corner with my eyes closed dreaming up the next great plan for our expansion. Well, at least that’s what I like to tell people I’m doing…


Luke Mehta, Business Development Manager