As a driver for innergy Group my role is to drive my vehicle to customers premises and deliver LPG cylinders, Solid Fuels and other appliances & accessories such as portable gas heaters and barbecues. My role also includes interaction with the customer to make sure their requirements are fulfilled and to communicate to the Depot Manager any queries with deliveries & update progress on schedule.

The working day

I arrive at the innergy Depot in Harrogate bright and early ready to start my day. I check in with the Depot Manager, receive my paperwork and my keys and head out to the vehicle. Once there I make sure the visual checks are carried out inside the vehicle. As innergy operate a modern fleet of vehicles most vans have advanced warning signals on the dashboard raising any engine or operational problems to my attention. I then carry out external inspections to make sure my vehicle is roadworthy. This includes; lights, wipers, tyres, horn, bodywork condition etc. One thing I like to do is make sure the vehicle is clean so lights, number plates and logos are visible in order for customers to see me arriving and know who it is.

At innergy we believe in preparation. The vast majority of days we’re able to load the vehicle the night before but occasionally customers ring overnight and require gas deliveries – sometimes emergency callouts. At innergy we pride ourselves in being able to respond to any delivery and get to you as soon as possible. I would check the load sheet and load any additional bottled gas cylinders needed for my run.

The final procedure is to double check all straps and securing methods are properly connected to avoid the load becoming dangerous. Once the Depot Manager has checked the load and signed the paperwork I can set off.

Driving HGV’s for innergy has shown me how different every day commuting is when driving a heavy vehicle. Innergy drivers must always be alert and ready to respond to any eventuality. Safety is always paramount therefore forward thinking is key. In many cases driving at the speed limit is not acceptable and a slower but safer technique is needed. Sometimes other motorists become very impatient stuck behind a slow lorry but in the interest of safety slower speeds do allow drivers to respond to developing situations quicker which reduce accidents.

Arriving at companies and residential properties throughout the day is challenging at times however with the excellent training provided by innergy us delivery drivers are well trained and experienced to handle any situation. Once parked in a suitable and visible location greeting the customer is the most important step. Introducing yourself to the customer, asking where they would like the gas cylinder or appliance, offering to set up and install the cylinder or appliance such as the portable gas heater is everything we do to make the customer experience delightful. Handling payments and signing paperwork is the final stage. Once the customer is happy with the delivery we are free to move onto the next job.

Breaks are also necessary. After driving for long periods of time drivers are required by law to stop for a cup of tea or coffee with a bite to eat. During this time no work can be undertaken and it is a time I can catch up with my social life or get out the cab and stretch my legs. Keeping us drivers alert and refreshed is something innergy takes great pride in so that everybody is happy and relaxed, making the day stress free, manageable and safe.

Upon returning to the Depot I would hand over the paperwork and any payments which have been collected on route. The Depot Manager would update his systems and send out and paperwork to customers who want a detailed printout of their order. From this point I drive into the yard, unload my cylinders and reload for the following day. Any additional time can be spent catching up with all the exciting news from the Depot Manager regarding any promotions or deals innergy have to offer. The Depot Manager would show me these offers online via our website or social media. Some other duties include cleaning the vehicle or yard which gives our customers the satisfaction that we take great pride in everything we do and also reduces the risk injury or damage.Driving for innergy has been an eye-opening experience and we thoroughly hope our customers enjoy the experience ordering from innergy.

James Dobson

HGV Delivery Driver