Beer Gas

At innergy, we are proud to be the no.1 supplier of Air Liquide beer gas, also known as beverage gas, beer gas or drinks dispense gas.

CO2 and nitrogen gases are used to dispense a range of carbonated lagers, beers, ciders and soft drinks. innergy supply hundreds of hospitality businesses such as pubs, clubs and restaurants throughout the North of England. We can offer simple cylinder supply or provide fully fitted cellar management and dispensing systems.

At innergy, we supply hundreds of bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels with beer gas every week. In fact, we’re the no.1 UK supplier of Air Liquide, the world’s largest beer gas brand.

We supply a huge range of beer gas for a variety of beverages, including CO2 6.35kg and 22.6kg, as well as 34kg non-dip cylinders, which are used for cooker machines and lagers. We have both 30/70 and 60/40 mixes, which are suitable for all John Smith lagers and ciders, as well as Guinness.

You can purchase your beer gas from us as a one-off or maintain a regular order. We can deliver cylinders same-day or next-day when needed and we will always take your old cylinders away.

Below, discover our ‘Cellar Service’ package, which we have designed for the hospitality sector.

What is beer gas?

Beer gas, which is often referred to as beverage gas or cellar gas, is a mix of carbon dioxide (25%) and nitrogen (75%). It is used to dispense draft beers and other beverages, such as cider. The CO2 makes the beer gassy, while nitrogen adds creaminess.

Our Cellar Service package

This package allows you to pay one monthly fee for your beer gas supply, which means no more rustling through piles of invoices at the end of each month. This way, you also can better track your gas usage.

Your package will be tailored especially for your business, so you only get as much gas as you need, when you need it.

Alongside your beer gas, we can also supply LPG, propane and butane, as well as gas for outdoor heaters, solid fuels and balloon gas. We have all your needs sewn up in one simple package.

All Air Liquide gases are certified to meet strict food safety and quality standards, as well as the Weights and Measures Act

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