Campingaz Gas Bottles

Get your barbecue ready for the summer with the right Campingaz bottle to suit every requirement. Our bottles provide the butane you need to keep the barbecue grill going as long as you need it.

What’s great about our Campingaz bottle range is that they are fully portable and can be used for camping and caravan trips, giving you greater access to good food when you are on holiday.

Campingaz Bottles

If you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, you’re sure to find that Campingaz bottles are the perfect fuel solution for you. Convenient and versatile, Campingaz cylinders will provide you with an instant fuel that is ideal when you’re caravanning or camping in the great outdoors. It’s easy to see why Campingaz has become the most trusted brand of gas for leisure enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers worldwide. Safe, simple to use, and extremely cost effective, a Campingaz bottle is an excellent fuel source on the go.

What Are The Benefits Of Campingaz Bottles?

Specialists in the outdoor lifestyle, Campingaz is a trusted supplier that manufactures user-friendly camping stoves and other equipment to simplify outdoor living. It’s the mission of the company to provide resources that enable families to get more enjoyment from their outdoor activities and to spend more quality time with loved ones in the open air. A Campingaz bottle will allow you to effortlessly power any lighting, heating, or cooking appliance on your travels. Simple to connect, Campingaz cylinders are compatible with numerous devices including stoves and grills and gas barbecues, making cooking on your camping trip a breeze.

Which Gas Is In Campingaz Cylinders?

Butane is the gas that you’ll find in a Campingaz gas bottle. While both of the best-known LPG gases, butane and propane, can be used for barbecuing and camping, butane is capable of functioning effectively even at low temperatures which propane is not, and that makes it a better choice of fuel for your outdoor adventures.

Why Choose A Campingaz Gas Bottle?

Campingaz bottles are a great choice for your next camping or caravanning trip because they are:

  • Easy to transport and store: The lightweight design of the bottles makes Campingaz perfect for your camping trips. With a lower boiling point when compared to propane, butane can be converted into a liquid under less pressure. As a result, a thinner aluminium bottle can be used for storage of this gas. A cylinder holding butane is around 40% lighter when compared to one holding an identical volume of propane.
  • Energy efficient: Butane gas is about 12% more energy efficient than propane, so you’ll need less fuel to power your camping stove. That means you can use a smaller cylinder for all your cooking needs during your trip, helping you to travel light.
  • Cost-effective and long lasting: Although Campingaz cylinders are small and light, they contain sufficient gas to meet all your leisure needs during your trip. Since they last a long time, you won’t need to replace them so frequently, ensuring good value for money.
  • Userfriendly: Campingaz bottles are incredibly easy to connect and use anywhere. That makes them a simple and convenient choice on the go.
  • Speedy and effective:A Campingaz gas bottle provides an instant supply of fuel once it’s connected, allowing you to enjoy instant light or heat, or to start cooking your meal immediately.
  • Resealable: If you don’t use your entire gas cylinder during your camping trip there’ll be no wastage. You can easily and safely reseal the bottle and take it on your next adventure.

Our Campingaz Bottle Size

We’re proud to stock Campingaz bottles here at innergy to meet your caravanning and camping needs. We rigorously check all of our quality products for safety, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind when you buy from us. As trusted and experienced suppliers of bottled gas, we guarantee you a customer delight service and the most competitive pricing.

Our 907 Campingaz bottle is ideal for all your outdoor adventures, fuelling your stove on your next camping trip or serving your heating needs in your motorhome or caravan. Weighing 6.5kg, it supplies plenty of gas to keep you going for several days, making this the ideal choice of gas cylinder for longer holidays and journeys.

Find Out More About Our Campingaz Bottles

If you’d like to learn more about how Campingaz bottles could be beneficial to you, or you need some guidance about how to choose the best Campingaz bottle sizes to suit your requirements, don’t hesitate to contact the innergy team today. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer your questions and to give you the information you need.