Leisure Gas Bottles

Our leisure gas cylinders are available to buy all year round providing lpg gas for bbq and patio heaters. A leisure gas bottle is the perfect choice to power gas appliances so you can make the most of your outdoor spaces. Our bottled propane gas is lightweight, easy to use and available in two different sizes to suit your requirements.

If you need leisure gas for your barbecue or patio heater, make innergy your first port of call. We can supply you with high-quality gas for BBQ and other leisure requirements at unbeatable prices that represent great value for money.

Leisure gas is an excellent choice if you want to make the most of your outdoor spaces all throughout the year. As these LPG cylinders contain propane, they are equally effective in the winter months as during the summer, providing instant heat and cooking power all year round. It’s never been easier to enjoy spending time in the garden!

Do I Need Leisure Gas?

More people than ever before are beginning to realise the benefits of the indoor and outdoor lifestyle. To this end, they have created comfortable and welcoming outside kitchens and al fresco sitting and dining areas that allow families to spend quality time together in the open air. Barbecuing has a key part to play in this way of life, and thanks to their convenience, speed and clean burning design, gas BBQs are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Of course, you’ll need gas for a BBQ, and that’s where our LPG bottles come in. Reliable, safe and simple to use, LPG is the perfect fuel for powering your outdoor appliances like your barbecue grill and patio heater.

What Kind Of Gas Is Leisure Gas?

A gas BBQ will operate on liquefied petroleum gas (or LPG). While there are two kinds of LPG – propane and butane – propane is a better choice for use outdoors in the UK since it functions well even at low temperatures, allowing you to use your appliances outside even on the coldest days of winter.

Our propane leisure gas comes in green gas bottles, and you can choose from two different sizes to suit your specific needs. We stock both 11kg and 6kg cylinders, both of which are a great choice for running your BBQ and patio heater whenever you want to spend time in the great outdoors.

Leisure Gas Bottle Regulators

Leisure gas bottles are always attached to your appliance with a regulator. It has a vital safety function to play since it is in control of the gas pressure when it moves to your appliance from the cylinder. You need to make sure you have fitted the right regulator to the appliance to suit the gas bottle that you have selected; green leisure gas bottles work with clip on regulators.

What Size Of Leisure Gas Bottle Will I Need?

The size of LPG cylinders that you will need will depend on your specific requirements. If you need leisure gas to power your barbecue, a key consideration is the number of numbers your gas burner has. For up to three burners, you’ll find a 6kg LPG bottle will suffice. However for models with four or more burners, an 11kg cylinder is a better choice.

Where Can I Buy Leisure Gas For My BBQ Or Patio Heater?

innergy is proud to be a stockist of high-quality propane leisure gas cylinders for patio heaters and barbecues. To get more information or to find out which size cylinder would be best for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch