The Napoleon LEX605RSBI Barbecue is a versatile and powerful bbq that is ideal for people who want to cook up a feast in no time! Featuring 6 powerful burners including a ceramic infrared bottom and rear burner this is a barbecue you can cook almost anything in. From grilling burgers to cooking steak with the built-in I-Glow backlighting you’ll always be able to see what you’re doing. Amongst its impressive specs are a double walled lid and rear grill hood that help maintain the barbecues heat. This means your food will cook quicker and the juices will be locked in giving you a richer, fuller taste. The grill is huge with room to cook up to 32 four inch burgers and they’re made from high-quality stainless steel so will be easy and quick to clean. With this bbq you also get plenty of other extra features that make any prep work much easier. With large side shelves and a built in cutting board you can easily prepare any extra salads or sides. Plus you also have a full width tapered drip pan, a permanent grease tray and an integrated ice/ marinade bucket.