The sun is shining making today the perfect BBQ weather! Why not cook a mouth- watering duck recipe in just 7 easy steps using one of our fantastic Char-Broil Performance T-47G Barbecue’s?

Mallard Duck With Apples & Prunes Recipe


• 1 x whole mallard duck
• 3 x cooking apples
• One handful of seedless prunes
• Rosemary
• Duck fat
• Salt & pepper

Cooking time
Serves 4

1. Season your duck with salt and pepper inside and out
2. Stuff the duck with pieces of apple, prunes and rosemary
3. Place the duck on the spit and close it with an apple. Light the grill; grill using indirect heat
4. Place the duck on the rotisserie – keep a foil tray with water in it under the duck so that it does not dry out when cooked
5. Regularly brush with duck fat
6. After an hour to an hour and a half – the meat should be easy to loosen from the bone. The duck is nearly ready!
7. Allow the duck to rest for 10-15mins before serving

Now put your feet up and enjoy!