Here’s a few ways where here at innergy, we can offer employees some advice to help them de-stress and feel motivated…

Get more physical

Try to find a little sunshine! (if possible)

Even half an hour gives people a mental and physical boost OR…

Go for a walk at lunchtime

It breaks up the day and keeps you fresh

Take advantage of the works treadmill!


Get more support

One to one chats with your line manager

Having a chat and feeling confident in your role significantly increases mental wellbeing.  Off loading what’s on your mind really helps.

Email recognition

Remember a quick thanks to your colleagues costs nothing, yet it can mean so much to that individual.


Get more flexible

Remote working

Even one day a week could make a huge difference to someone’s mental wellbeing, whether that’s a change of work environment working from your home office or working in a different depot.

Flexible working

Being able to adjust your work times now and then can be a real relief and also helps boost your loyalty to work.


innergy offer the workplace wellness scheme because all our employees health and wellbeing matters.