Case Studies

North Bar

Saving 38% on drinks dispense gases

North Bar first opened in 1997 and having moved on from being the UK’s top account for Kronenbourg 1664 beer, they became the leading light for imported beers from the continent and the US.  North Bar still boasts the finest, most interesting and comprehensive selection of beers in the North of England.

We have saved North Bar in the region of 38% on their drinks dispense gases compared to their previous supplier.  North Bar prefer to order their beer gases as and when they require.  We offer same day delivery or next day delivery to all our customers which means that they are never at risk of running out of gas.

Chequers Inn

Saving 31% on bottled gas cylinders

The Chequers Inn is a traditional English pub situated in the picturesque village of Ledsham.

We have saved The Chequers Inn 31% on their bottled gas cylinders compared to their previous supplier.  We also supply them with traditional wood logs, kindling wood and heatlogs.  We have saved Chequers Inn 28% on their solid fuels supply which we automatically deliver to them weekly.

Margaret Hartley – Domestic Customer

Saving 10% on heating bills

I live in an old school – it was built at the turn of the century so it has no insulation and it is also off the grid – so the only heating I have is electricity.

Now everyone knows how expensive electricity can be – and with 5 adults in one house (three teenagers) and Mum and Dad – the heating bills were getting more and more expensive.

Not only did they have iPads, phones, laptops and TVs in every room but they also showered twice a day and had the heating on full blast!  (despite my requests to ‘put a cardigan’ on or ‘sit with your duvet wrapped round you’ which fell on deaf ears.)

In order to curb the heating costs, I investigated installing a wood burning stove – something warm and toasty to light and gather round on cold evenings.  Unfortunately there is nowhere in the house to put a flue/chimney so it was back to the drawing board.

I saw the Provence heater at the innergy showroom in Leeds and fell instantly in love. It looks like a wood burner (without the flue) and the flame effect was very realistic.

I purchased one in matt black as I felt this went well with the ambience of our home .Once it was delivered I positioned it in the hall in order to give the full effect of the heat both in the hallway and up the stairs to the landing – the coldest part of our home as it is open plan.

Not only did it warm the area both quickly and effectively, it looked very attractive, and visitors would ask where the chimney was as it looked so realistic.

And after a month – to my delight and surprise – my heating bills were down by 10%

Thank you innergy this was my best purchase ever!