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If you need forklift truck gas bottles for your entire fleet, or just a single FLT, you can count on innergy to be your trusted supplier. Our reliable delivery service paired with our simple and speedy ordering process makes us a top choice, and thanks to our competitive pricing, you can be sure that we offer great value for money too.

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Choosing Your Forklift Truck Gas

In a wide range of industries, forklift trucks are a vital component when it comes to managing distribution and storage and moving goods. There are several powering options for forklifts, but LPG gas is one popular option.

There are many reasons why LPG forklifts are proving to be such a good choice for businesses. For a start, a gas-powered forklift will provide optimal performance whether working indoors or outside. Diesel powered forklift trucks can only be used in the outdoor environment, and this, therefore, ensures that LPG forklift trucks are a more versatile and convenient choice.

Furthermore, it’s easy to refuel a gas-powered forklift. With forklift truck gas bottles, you’ll always have a convenient and safe source of fuel at your fingertips. There’s no need to wait hours for a battery to recharge as you would with an electric-powered FLT.

There are other advantages too. LPG burns more cleanly than diesel, so companies can make significant strides towards achieving their eco-friendly targets. LPG allows vehicles to operate more quietly too, improving the worksite environment for its workforce.

When compared with a diesel-powered forklift, LPG models come with lower maintenance requirements, and that also helps businesses to save on costs, particularly in industries where large fleets are required.

Even better, the forklift operation an LPG truck provides is impressively powerful right until the moment that refuelling is required, while an electric-powered vehicle may reduce in power as the battery runs down.

As a result, forklifts powered by LPG gas can meet the needs of industry effectively, and offer many advantages over both diesel and electric-powered alternatives. With an LPG-powered forklift, businesses can keep their productivity high, but at the same time make significant efficiency savings, two things that are absolutely crucial for any company in today’s economic climate.

innergy Forklift Truck Gas Bottles

Innergy is proud to be one of the top suppliers of bottles gas in the UK. Our products are all of the highest quality and are checked thoroughly for safety to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. We supply two different sizes of LPG gas bottles for forklift trucks to meet the needs of your business.

You can choose from:

  • Propane FLT Gas – 11kg – This commercial-sized propane gas bottle is designed specifically for powering forklift trucks. This is the smaller of our two cylinder sizes.
  • Propane FLT Gas – 18kg – The bigger of our two FLT propane gas cylinder sizes, this product is ideal for businesses with greater requirements.

As both of these gas bottles are specifically designed for use with forklift trucks, it couldn’t be simpler to refuel your vehicles. Simple change the propane cylinder and your truck will immediately be ready to return to operation.

LPG vs. Diesel & Electric – Why LPG For Forklifts Is Best

When compared with electric forklifts, LPG trucks require no expensive batteries, recharging equipment, or battery disposal costs. They’re also cheaper to purchase and maintain. You can refuel an LPG powered FLT in minutes, while an electric-powered vehicle requires hours of recharging time. Electric forklifts may lose power as the battery runs down, resulting in lower productivity. This doesn’t happen with LPG trucks, which remain powerful until it’s time to refuel. Furthermore, LPG FLTs can operate effectively on steep and uneven surfaces, something that electric vehicles struggle to achieve.

When compared with a diesel-powered forklift, an LPG truck is cheaper to purchase and maintain. It’s also far cleaner since LPG produces less carbon dioxide than diesel, enabling businesses to reduce their carbon footprints. LPG trucks can be used both indoors and out, unlike diesel powered vehicles, and they’ll leave no soot on products while ensuring better air quality and lower workplace noise levels for workers. You’ll also never need to worry about accidental diesel spillages that can be potential dangerous and expensive to clean up.

Maintains power 24/7x
Suitable for indoors & outdoorsx
Performs well on uneven and steep surfacesx
Minimal maintencex
Fast refuellingx
Cleaner burning & longer engine lifex
Cerfified Co2 Savingsxxx
Sustainably sourced fuelxx
Reduced carbon footprintx
Quieter and smootherx
Cost effectivexx

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What our Forklift Gas Customers Have To Say About Our Service…

Mick, Warehouse Manager, Forklift Gas Customer

“We were looking for a forklift gas supplier in the area for our new site. We came across innergy and we have never looked back. If you’re not sure on anything they always have the answer, their pricing is right and when you visit the offices you’re always made to feel welcome.”

Darren, Storage Manager, Forklift Gas Customer

“We supply a lot of forklift gas to the local businesses within the area and we came across innergy. The delivery schedules that they could offer to us were completely different from what we’ve been finding with the competition. We really underestimated how much gas we thought we would sell, usually with other companies their answer would be no that’s it – you’re done not with innergy.

We get the bottles that we need and any extras that we need. We get deliveries twice a week so we don’t need to book in deliveries and their guys are happy to deliver and offload bottes. Very efficient, excellent company to deal with and they really added great value to our business.”

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Please get in touch with the friendly innergy team today to find out more about how to choose the best size of gas cylinder to satisfy the requirements of your business. You should also contact us to get our best prices and to take advantage of our great value price match guarantee. With our responsive, timely service, knowledgeable approach and reliable delivery service, you can be confident that we’re the experts that you can trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you deliver?

We take pride in our speedy and efficient delivery service. We can deliver to you within two business days of placing your order and we can also offer an automatic “business response” service.

How long does a forklift gas cylinder last?

You can expect our larger 18kg LPG cylinders to keep your forklift truck running for approximately eight hours of continuous use.

Is the price likely to go up?

We are proud of our competitive pricing and are able to offer you fixed price periods.

We’ve had ‘dirty gas’ from our current supplier recently. Have you had similar issues?

All of the products that we supply comply with the British Standard for Commercial Propane (BS4250:2014), so you can be confident that you’ll only receive the best quality gas when you buy from us.

Do you offer credit terms?

We aim to make it as easy as possible to customers to make their purchases. That’s why we can offer you thirty day month-end credit terms subject to a satisfactory credit check.

How do we place orders?

There are several ways to place your order with us. You can either order via telephone, via email, or, alternatively, if you’d prefer to come in and visit us in person, you can pop into your nearest depot and place your order there.