Mobile Catering

For a greener, more efficient way of fuelling your mobile catering business, choose LPG. Our 19kg gas cylinders will keep your business operating for days. Better still, if you’re caught at a loose end, we deliver same-day and next-day throughout Yorkshire and the Humber.

The benefits of LPG

As a mobile catering business owner, you’ll know only too well how costly petrol-fuelled generators can be. That’s why many of our mobile catering clients, including burger and snack van owners, choose bottled gas.

LPG fuel delivers the same power as petrol and alternative fuels for up to 50% of the cost, which means your business can focus on making a profit rather than making up the margins.

Our 19kg gas cylinders are ideal for mobile catering. They provide a consistent supply of fuel and are highly reliable, so you never need to worry about getting to your location only to find that you haven’t got the fuel to operate optimally.

As more businesses choose to go green, it’s also worth noting that LPG fuel is more efficient and cleaner than petrol. It omits more than 11% less CO2 than petrol, which means no nasty smells or residue.

What our customers think

Mobile catering is one of our specialisms at innergy; we work with hundreds of caterers around the Yorkshire and Humberside, including those popping up at markets, festivals, entertainment venues and even events where they offer bespoke catering.

What’s great about LPG, and what really makes a difference to our clients, is that it offers better fuel performance than petrol. What that means is that your burners will require less servicing than if you were to use petrol, which means you don’t need to waste precious time and money having your equipment checked when you could be on the road making money.

As a business owner, you’ll also appreciate how important it is to watch and track costs, so you understand how to get more for your money. That’s another brilliant feature of bottled gas; it’s easy to track how much you’re using, and when usage goes up, so you can budget and plan accordingly.

Why choose innergy?

At innergy, we’re all about offering a personable, friendly service that’s backed up by knowledge and expertise. That’s why every member of our team has considerable experience working with LPG and supplying to a variety of sectors – so whenever you have a question, all you need to do is ask.

We are also able to deliver same-day and next-day in Yorkshire and the Humber; therefore, if you find yourself at a location with little fuel, or you use more than you had planned, you can just give us a call and arrange a delivery directly to your location.

Thanks to our knowledge of the bottled gas market, we’re confident that are prices are competitive, so you can rest assured that you’re never paying over the odds for the fuel that’s crucial to your business and livelihood.

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