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With over two decades of experience supplying industrial and welding gases to UK businesses under our belt, our knowledge is fine-tuned. Not to mention, our prices are always competitive.

We supply a range of essential gases to industry, namely those used for metal fabrication, manufacturing and in the automotive sector – such as when repairing the body of vehicles.

Our offering includes oxygen, acetylene, argon and argon mixes, which are commonly used in welding to stabilise and penetrate base metals, as well as to form bead profiling.

What makes us different?

Rather than developing our own range of industrial and welding gases, we supply world-renowned products from leading manufacturers, including Air Products and Buse Gases.

What makes our service great is that if you need several different types of gas, we can deliver in a single order – and we offer same-day and next-day delivery.

When you choose innergy, you choose simplicity; everything you need in one place, and a personable service to top it off.

MIG vs TIG welding

The gas cylinders we supply are suitable for both metal inert gas (MIG) welding and tungsten insert gas (TIG) welding, but what’s the difference?

Both MIG and TIG welding uses wire to join two base materials together, however, in MIG welding the wire is fed through the gun, whereas in TIG welding the wire must be fed separately.

MIG welding is best when welding thicker materials together, whereas TIG welding is best for tasks that are fiddlier, including when welding thinner materials as well as tricky joints such as curves.

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