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All our gas needs wrapped up in one place. From LPG bottles for heating to solid fuels and beer gas, we can provide you with a regular and reliable supply of gas so that you can offer your customers a consistent, high-quality service that’s worth the price tag.

The benefits of LPG

We understand that holiday parks require gas for a variety of uses, from fuelling mobile homes, caravans and lodges; heating outdoor areas and fuelling on-site restaurants, to dispensing beverages in the clubhouse or on-site bar. And at innergy, we supply gases for all these uses and more.

Just one of the many benefits of bottled gas cylinders is their versatility; depending on the cylinders you purchase, they have multiple uses across your holiday park, rather than paying over the odds for numerous types of fuel.

Flogas bottled gas is increasingly becoming the go-to for fuelling mobile homes thanks to its green properties, which includes omitting more than 11% less CO2 than its counterparts. Therefore, if your holiday park is committed to a greener future, there’s no question that it’s the best option.

As for cost, bottled gas is incredibly efficient which means it’s less costly than alternative fuels. It’s also easy to track gas usage, so you can easily review how much you’re using, evaluate and, if needed, reduce.

What our customers think

We work with a variety of holiday parks throughout Yorkshire and the Humber, as well as further afield, including independent parks and leading names and sites.

What our clients most enjoy about using Flogas cylinders is the time it eradicates in managing their parks. As LPG can be stored in bulk tanks or provided as individual cylinders, it’s us that do the heavy lifting when it comes to refuelling and replacing, so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Flogas LPG cylinders are an incredibly efficient way to supply to what’s sometimes hundreds of customers at once; almost no other fuel type could deliver the same service without extensive and costly infrastructure.

Why choose innergy?

Many of our clients choose us because of our considerable experience. We have been supplying bottled gas for more than 10 years, which means we understand the industry inside-out and have a team that can be trusted to deliver reliable advice.

We also offer packages comprising a variety of gas types, such as our Cellar Package, which includes beer gases, solid fuels for barbecues and gas for outdoor heaters and more.

When you choose innergy, you’re choosing a one-stop-shop for all your gas needs, as well as extras such as our solid fuel range, gas equipment and patio heaters, so you can deal with and handle monthly invoices from one company rather than several.

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