Line Marking

47kg and 19kg bottled gas cylinders for heating when line marking. Choose Flogas LPG cylinders as a greener and more efficient alternative. LPG reduces the length of time you need to spend refilling when on the go. At innergy, we offer a fast and flexible service tailored to the needs of your business.

The benefits of LPG

LPG is not only a greener choice of fuel for the road and infrastructure sector, it’s also more affordable than highly polluting alternatives such as petrol and diesel. Our 47kg and 19kg gas cylinders are used by hundreds of line marking contractors throughout the UK.

The great thing about bottled gas for line marking is how quick and easy it is to refill. After all, when you are line marking, time is of the essence and you need as much of it as possible, and LPG gives you just that. You can refill or replace a gas cylinder in a matter of minutes.

Temperature control is also crucial to line marking, which is why you’ll be pleased to hear that LPG is also highly controllable, so you can ensure you heat to a consistent temperature for professional results that will leave your organisation’s reputation gleaming.

What our customers think

What many of our customers tell us about their switch to LPG is its efficiency. It lasts longer than many of them expected and saves a lot of time when line marking.

A number of our clients opt for LPG over petrol as it’s a cleaner alternative that removes any risk of spills, which can be very costly. This cleanliness is also connected to the lack of residue left behind by LPG fuel; over time, you will find that your equipment will require less maintenance in part thanks to the environmental benefits of LPG.

Finally, we’re always pleased to hear how easy our clients feel it is to work with us. We’re often praised for our prompt delivery service, which includes same-day and next-day delivery in Yorkshire and the Humber, as well as our friendly service – you always know you’re going to end up on the phone with someone that knows what they’re talking about.

Why choose innergy?

At innergy, we have been supplying the road and infrastructure sectors with LPG bottles for more than 10 years. We have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on your fuel needs and pride ourselves on our professional yet personable service.

Unlike other suppliers, if you call us with an urgent order that you require in the next day or two, we’ll always do our best to get what you need to you. That’s just one of the many reasons we’ve been the go-to for dozens of infrastructure contractors for more than a decade.

We also closely monitor the industry to ensure our prices are always competitive, so when you choose innergy you know you’re getting not only a great service but also a reasonable price that’s in-line with the rest of the UK market.

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