Versatile Flogas LPG cylinders that you can use to heat and fuel your hospitality business. We also provide beer gas, solid fuels and propane gas to meet your needs as a business and a venue. Same-day and next-day delivery available.

The benefits of LPG

What’s fantastic about LPG cylinders is how versatile they are. Depending on the cylinder size, or sizes, you purchase, you can use it to fuel the cooking stoves in your restaurant, barbecues and even the patio heating in your outdoor areas, such as patios and walkways.

With bottled gas comes better knowledge of how much gas your business is using, which means you can easily track and control usage, and explore ways to improve your energy efficiency.

Flogas bottled gas doesn’t leave nasty smells or residue either, so your equipment will require significantly less maintenance than if you were to use alternative fuels like petrol, for instance.

If your business uses a considerable amount of gas, you can also have a bulk LPG tank installed, which allows you to store large amounts of gas for even further cost efficiency.

What our customers think

As well as providing the best quality product, client relationships are at the heart of innergy and how we operate. With of 40 years of experience supplying the leisure and hospitality sector with bottled gas, we know a thing or two about the industry and the needs of our clients.

Most of our hotel clients have been with us for quite some time, which means we have been given the time to truly understand their business and develop a relationship, which means our service is always a personable one.

What our customers find reassuring about our offering is that they know the brands we supply; for example, Air Liquide is one of the leading providers of beer gas, and we’re their no.1 supplier. Therefore, the product received is always optimal.

Why choose innergy?

At innergy, we understand that you’re more than just a restaurant, bar or provider of accommodation. You’re a venue – a destination – and with that comes a range of needs comprising not only beer gas for your bar but also other types of fuel. That’s why we also supply Flogas LPG cylinders, propane and butane, as well as solid fuels, balloon gas and fuel for outdoor heaters.

With our ‘all-in-one’ approach, you can rest assured that you will always have the gases you need when you need them. We also offer same-day and next-day delivery across the North of England, which means we’re well-equipped to deal with last-minute orders.

All our prices are highly competitive, and the products we supply are from some of the world’s leading brands like Air Liquide and Buse, so you always get great value for money and optimum energy efficiency when you choose innergy as your gas supplier.

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