Bottled Gas for Homes

From heating your home to fuelling your BBQ and even hobbyist welding. We have it all!

Our Flogas bottled gas cylinders have many uses from providing heat for your home, fuelling cooking stoves for both indoor and outdoor cooking and powering up your gas barbecue in the summer months. Our Hobbyweld gas is ideal for the hobbyist tinkering away working on car projects in the home garage.

Flogas Leisure Gas Bottles

Our most recommended propane gas bottles ideal for outdoor leisure activities. Flogas leisure gas is a great fuel for your gas barbecues, patio heaters and fire pits. The 11kg leisure gas can also be used for camping trips.

Flogas Butane

Our Flogas Butane is recommended for heating your portable gas heaters so you can have heat when and wherever you need it most in your home rather than heating the whole house. Butane is also ideal for indoor cooking using small gas stoves.

Flogas Propane

Flogas 19kg and 47kgs are predominantly used for home heating and gas cookers. The gas bottles can be fitted with a changeover valve so when one bottle empties, you’re automatically switched over to the new cylinder. 47kg gas bottles are also often used for caravan holiday homes.


Our Campingaz bottled gas is the recommended choice for camping and caravanning. Most campers often use campingaz to fuel small portable gas barbecues and stoves.


We have been representing Hobbyweld welding gas in the area for more than 10 years and we are a trusted supplier. Our welding gases are specially designed to deliver minimal splatter, keeping the welding process as simple as possible with little clean-up required, perfect for the hobbyist.