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innergy Group Ltd are one of the largest and fastest growing suppliers of bottled gases and gas equipment to businesses in the UK.

Our fantastic growth and wonderful success is a direct result of our exceptional approach to providing friendly and helpful customer service, reliable and flexible deliveries, great value and reliable equipment, and, of course, fantastic pricing. Not only are our prices amongst the best around but we can also offer to fix priced period. And if that isn’t enough, we guarantee a ‘price match’ should you be offered lower prices – not only will we match those prices but we will also backdate them and credit you the difference.

We don’t operate Call Centres – we know how frustrating they can be. And no “push 1 for Accounts” – that doesn’t feel very personal to us. All of our staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Our delivery drivers are happy to help with carrying cylinders and equipment to where you need them, connecting and disconnecting cylinders and providing advice and expertise.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the LPG, bottled gases and equipment industries and we are recognised as genuine experts. We have won lots of awards for lots of different things. But we believe the best judges are the thousands of customers who trust us time and again to provide the products and service which really makes us stand out. That’s why we are rated so highly on independent review website

We supply businesses right across the UK through our network of five depots and in partnership with some of the worlds largest producers of gases for industrial and commercial use.

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Providing a timely, responsive service with integrity and a passion for excellence while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Propane is the first-choice gas for forklift trucks (FLT). At innergy, we supply Flogas 11kg and 18kg propane cylinders and deliver across the North of England and nationally for commercial customers.

An 18kg propane cylinder, on average, provides up to 7.5 hours of continuous use for FLT operation, so you need not worry about having to change cylinder halfway through the day.

Flogas is the UK’s leading supplier of gas cylinders for FLT use. Every propane gas cylinder is fitted with magnets that prevent debris from entering the fuel injection system.

Propane is also widely used for domestic and commercial heating as well as industrial applications, such as forklift trucks, mobile catering, shrink wrapping, roofing, powder coating, cutting and line marking.

You can rely on innergy to supply the fuel you need, when you need it, at fantastic prices. Not only are our prices amongst the best around but we can also offer a fixed priced period. And if that isn’t enough, we guarantee a ‘price match’ – should you be offered lower prices, not only will we match those prices but we will even backdate them and credit you the difference.

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At innergy, we supply a huge range of industrial and welding gases, including oxygen, acetylene, argon and argon mixes used in a range of industries. These include gases for metal fabrication, manufacturing, welding and automotive use.

We supply industrial gases with some of the world’s leading manufacturers such as Air Products, Air Liquide and Buse Gases. Our range includes products suitable for both metal inert gas (MIG) welding, which uses wire, and tungsten insert gas (TIG), which is used to fuse two metals together.

All our products are available for delivery throughout the North of England.

Are you a business in Yorkshire and Humberside seeking rent free gas cylinders for welding? Look no further. We are your local supplier of Hobbyweld welding gas – available in varying types and sizes.

Hobbyweld argon gas cylinders are suitable for trade use when welding metals. This gas is used mainly in industry, to repair agricultural equipment and for automotive and light fabrication work, including the body of vehicles.

This welding gas is specially designed to deliver minimal splatter, keeping the welding process as simple as possible with little clean-up requirement.

At innergy, we are proud to be the no.1 supplier of Air Liquide beer gas, also known as beverage gas. This CO2 gas is used to dispense a range of carbonated beers and ciders.

All Air Liquide gases are certified to meet strict food safety and quality standards, as well as the Weights and Measures Act. We regularly supply both cylinders and bulk beer gas to leisure and hospitality outfits, including pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels.

All our beer gas products are available for delivery locally throughout Yorkshire and Humberside.

Butane in primarily use for indoor applications such as heating. The 13kg butane cylinder is ideal for indoor portable heaters, indoor cooking and some outdoor BBQs. .Our 7kg butane gas cylinders are ideal for caravans, outdoor cooking and domestic mobile heating and our 4.5kg butane cylinders can be used for heating, to power blowtorches and small commercial and agricultural machinery.