A guide to Butane Gas

Whether you’re looking for bottled gas to power your cooking appliance for your next camping trip, or whether you require a reliable fuel source to heat your portable gas heater, being aware of the different types of LPG gas available is crucial. That’s why, as a trusted LPG gas supplier in the North of England, the team here at innergy are bringing you this helpful guide to butane gas so that you can be well-informed when making your purchase of a butane gas canister.

What Is Butane Gas?

Butane is one of the LPGs (Liquid Petroleum Gases) alongside propane which is liquified for storage in gas bottles. Colourless and low carbon, it is a user-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective fuel that is ideal for leisure purposes as well as portable heating.

What Are Butane Gas Bottles Used For?

There are many convenient uses for butane gas, although it is most commonly used for powering portable heaters and grills thanks to its reliability as a fuel. Caravanners and campers often choose butane gas to power their appliances when travelling during the warmer months thanks to the lighter weight of the cylinders and their added safety when compared with propane.

Driver lifting butane gas bottle

What Are The Differences Between Propane And Butane?

Both propane and butane gas are LPGs and have many similarities, but there is one significant difference between them. Propane’s boiling point is much lower than that of butane making it more suitable for use in cold climates and outdoors. Its -42°C boiling point means that propane gas cylinders can be stored outside too.

Butane, conversely, with its higher boiling point of -2°C, is better suited to indoor storage and is safe to use inside. While either kind of gas is suitable for powering your barbecue, propane is the recommended option simply because it can be used all year round.  butane burns quickly and effectively which makes it a go-to solution for indoor cooking, portable heating, and leisure purposes such as camping and caravanning.

Can I Use Butane Gas Indoors?

Butane gas is suitable for use indoors and is a perfect choice for portable heaters which are a popular choice for homeowners looking to keep energy costs low. Economical and reliable, butane ensures instant heat to warm any space. It is, of course, essential to store your butane gas bottles indoors correctly and to ensure optimal ventilation during use for your own safety.

What Sizes Of Butane Gas Bottles Can I Choose From?

Here at innergy, we stock three canister sizes to meet all your needs and requirements. As your trusted butane gas supplier, we can provide you with:

Flogas butane 13kg cylinders – If you regularly use butane, you’ll find these larger butane gas bottles an excellent choice and our most popular cylinder for using with a portable gas heater.

Flogas 7kg butane cylinders – If you use butane gas infrequently, are taking a short caravanning trip, or need a gas bottle to power a small portable indoor heater, you’ll find these mid-sized 7kg cylinders a perfect option.

Flogas 4.5kg butane cylinders – When you only use a small amount of butane, the 4.5kg Flogas butane gas bottles are suitable for you. Simple to carry thanks to their lightweight design and small enough to store effortlessly, they can easily power single-burner cooking appliances.

Driver delivering portable gas heater to a home

Where Can I Buy Butane Gas Bottles?

All of our butane gas cylinders are available for you to purchase new or on a refill and exchange basis,  but if you aren’t sure which size is the right one for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

As a trusted LPG gas supplier for more than 20 years, we are proud to supply both residential and commercial customers across the whole of the North of England and we take pride in our outstanding customer delight service. We ensure our customers get their gas as and when they need it, and our prices are unbeatable. We’ll always go the extra mile to supply our customers with what they need, and as our product range is extremely diverse, we’re sure to be able to assist you, whatever your requirements. Our team of knowledgeable experts are always on hand to provide you with helpful guidance and advice to enable you to make the right purchasing decision for you.