Are you a highly respected, profitable business? Join innergy Group…

We are constantly looking for well run, highly respected, profitable businesses to join innergy group. We have made a number of successful acquisitions including I C Greens, SK Gas, Goole Gas & Welding, Express Gas, Castle Energy, H B Dobsons and S&R Gases.

Our approach to buying a business is different. We understand how important it is that you find the right partner to buy your business. We know that you deserve a great price to reward a lifetime of hard work that has helped to build your successful business and it’s hard won reputation. But we also know that it’s not just about the money. Your employees have been by your side for many years and you want to know that they will be valued by their new employer. Former employees of businesses often comment on the friendly and supportive environment at innergy – 100% of innergy employees would recommend it as an employer. Many go on to successful careers including our current Knottingley Depot Manager, our Operations & Logistics Manager and our Sales Director.

Finally, we can offer flexibility in the structure of your financial package. The majority of payments are up front, earn-outs are transparent and fair, we can offer ongoing employment or consultancy arrangements and we are always keen to acquire property freeholds.

So, attractive valuations, flexible, fair and transparent payment packages and a friendly, supportive employer for your loyal staff. No wonder some of the owners of our previous acquisitions are delighted with innergy:

“It was important to me to be able to entrust Castle Energy and its customers to a company that shares our customer focus and understands the importance of being a considerate employer. They valued the business much higher than one of the national gas suppliers and the negotiations were very straightforward. innergy also had the expertise, ambitions and resources to further grow the business. I was delighted to see that my son, who transferred with the sale, has been rapidly promoted and is now a director of innergy Group.”

Neil Mehta, Managing Director, Castle Energy Group.

innergy made this transaction (the purchase of Express Gas) as easy as possible and put together a package which met all my requirements. Not only did they meet my asking price but they offered ongoing, flexible employment. My longest serving employee was quickly promoted and he regularly tells me how much he enjoys working at innergy, what a friendly company it is and the support he has been given is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering selling their business.”

Chris Gallagher, Managing Director, Express Gas.

After running our successful business for over 20 years it was really important to us that we found the right buyer. innergy not only offered the best price but also their earn-out was straightforward and generous. Selling your business can be stressful and emotional but innergy made sure that we completed the sale without any unnecessary difficulties or issues.”

Peter and Stephanie Millard, Owners, Goole Gas & Welding.

“We are extremely satisfied with the price innergy paid and how they made everything so simple and straightforward”

Peter Dobson, Owner, HB Dobson.

If you would like to find out more, we encourage you to get in touch with us on Freephone 0808 141 5795.