Coronavirus Update To Our Customers

These are difficult times and we wanted to let you know what we are doing to support you and our staff to remain healthy & safe, as well as to ensure that you continue to have everything you need from us.

We have had many calls and emails from our customers to ask if innergy will remain open and if we will be making deliveries as normal.

We are constantly planning to reflect the advice coming from HM Government. As you can imagine this is changing on a day-to-day basis.

Should a full state of emergency be announced by the government we would expect employees working in key sectors such as food retail, emergency services, the care industry etc to retain the rights to travel and attend work. We believe that fuel distributors, including innergy, will be one of those key sectors and we will remain open and trading as normal.

We have no plans to delay or cease deliveries. We remain open for our customers to collect in all our branches. We are asking all staff and customers to follow the recommended safety guidelines issued by HM Government. As long as our staff remain in good health and it is safe to trade, we will remain open.

In addition, there is no shortage in supply of any gas product and despite press coverage, we will not be increasing any prices during this exceptional period. In fact, if you would normally come into the depot and find yourself preferring to take a delivery for your own safety or for health reasons, we will be offering deliveries of Flogas products during this exceptional period at no extra charge.

We have experienced a busy period and some deliveries are taking a little longer than usual however we will deliver everything that you need when you need it.

When you come into our branches, we would ask that, where possible, you pay by card. We also ask that you do not stand within 2 metres of our counters to keep yourself and our staff as safe as possible.

If you normally pay our driver on delivery you will be asked to pay by card over the telephone when you place your order. This is to ensure you and our drivers’ exposure to health risks are limited, whilst ensuring that you can still receive your delivery. Please support us and our drivers so that we are able to continue to deliver your products safely and in good time.

When you receive your delivery, you would normally receive a delivery note. You will be asked by our drivers for your full name and they will write out the delivery note and return it to our office for your invoice to be generated. We would ask that you call our office and provide us with email addresses in order to have your paperwork emailed. Copies of delivery notes can still be left with you however we would ask that when your delivery takes place you remain at least 2 metres away from our delivery drivers.

We will be exchanging your empty cylinders for full cylinders. If you do not have an empty cylinder you will be asked to pay a cylinder deposit. We must ensure that cylinders are being returned in order that these can be refilled. This will protect the supply of gas for all customers as we move through the COVID-19 situation.

We have decided that we will close our branches on Saturday mornings with effect from 4th April. This is to limit the movement of our staff and allow them to remain in their homes and isolated over the weekend. Although we are a key business and must continue to support business and community members who rely on us, we must put the safety of our staff first.

Finally, we want to wish all our customers’ good health and extend our sincerely grateful thanks to you for your patience in the last few days, and for the coming weeks ahead.

Stay safe and happy.
All at innergy Group Ltd