Do You Have Old, Empty Flogas LPG Cylinders Lying Around Your Home?

Have you been doing some spring cleaning recently and found an old, empty Flogas cylinder lying around in the back of your shed or cluttering up your garage?

Perhaps you finished the last of your LPG bottle at your final BBQ of the summer and popped the empty cylinder in the shed ready to take back to the stockist but you never got around to it?

If you now need the extra space and don’t want the empty cylinder any more, we’ve got a great offer for you – we’d love you to bring it back to any of our innergy depots and we’ll give you a cash reward!

The National Cylinder Shortage

At the moment, all LPG suppliers and distributors are experiencing some difficulties here in the UK with a national shortage of gas cylinders. While this may not sound like a major issue, it is already having a major impact on supplies since customers cannot receive new orders if they don’t have a gas bottle to refill or exchange.

To this end, we’ve decided to put a gas bottle return scheme in place to try to ease the shortage and ensure that our customers can still obtain the LPG gas that they need. We’re committed to offering our customers the highest possible level of service, and we can only do that if we have enough cylinders to go around.

That’s why we’re happy to reward you for taking the time and effort to return your empty gas bottles to our depots.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to get our hands on as many Flogas cylinders as possible. Recycling gas bottles is, we believe, the best course of action in the current shortage situation so that we can refill them and then send them back out to customers who have placed an order with us.

When customers return their Flogas cylinders to us, we can recondition and refill them so that they can then be supplied to customers in demand.

How Does The Cylinder Reward Scheme Work?

We’ve named our recycling plan our Cylinder Reward Scheme and it works like this: We’re offering an incentive to anybody who brings their Flogas cylinder back to us in the form of a £5 cash reward as a thank you for making the return.

When customers bring their Flogas cylinder back to us, they simply need to quote “Cylinder Reward” and they can take advantage of our incentive.

What Kind Of Cylinders Can Be Returned?

Here at innergy, we’re happy to accept any kind of LPG gas cylinder as part of our Cylinder Reward Scheme. Whether you’ve used the gas for your gas heater or your barbecue, we’re happy to accept your empty gas bottle back for refilling, and for each one you’ll get your £5 cash reward.

We accept all sizes of cylinder from large to small, so there’s never been a better time to check your garage or shed for empties!