How to connect a gas bottle to your BBQ

Hurray, it’s barbecue season! If you’ve got your gas barbecue but need a little help in getting ready to fire up with your Flogas Gas, here’s a handy guide on how you can connect your gas bottle using 5 easy and simple steps.

  1. Place your Flogas leisure gas bottle alongside your gas barbecue, ensure the bottle is close enough so that the hose does not need to stretch. Our leisure gas bottles come in two sizes – 6kg and 11kg cylinders, the smaller leisure gas is ideal for portable barbecues and smaller 2 burner barbecues. The 11kg gas bottles are suitable for all barbecues. Most gas barbecues come with a hose and suitable regulator attached as standard but always check that these are the correct size, free from debris and not damaged before use.
  2. There are different types of regulators, you must ensure your regulator is in the off position before use, on most regulators, there is a setting.
  3. Push the gas regulator down onto the gas bottle valve pressing firmly until you hear it click, this ensures the regulator is in place. If it is connected correctly, the regulator and hose should be able to rotate slightly around the valve.
  4. To check that the hose is in good condition, perform a leak test which involves brushing a solution made of ½ water and ½ liquid detergent over the hose and all connections, check that there are no bubbles. If bubbles do appear then this means there is a leak. If bubbles form, tighten the joints and then repeat the test. If there are no leaks present you are ready to turn the gas on, to turn the gas on at the bottle turn the regulator switch half anti-clockwise to the on position. You should hear a slight hiss as the gas comes through.
  5. If you might have a different type of gas regulator with your gas barbecue, the regulator must be low pressure, suitable for propane gas and have a 27mm diameter connection. To connect this type of regulator to the valve, ensure the red button is in the 6 o’clock position and place the regulator over the gas bottle valve. While applying downward pressure turn the switch clockwise at quarter turns so that the red button is in a 9 o’clock position, you should hear a click as the regulator locks on to the gas bottle, to turn the gas on pull the red button slightly away from the regulator while turning the switch clockwise to the 12 o’clock position

Your gas barbecue is now ready to use – to fire up your BBQ and get started, simply ignite your burners and adjust the controls to reach the exact temperature you need.