innergy Group Supplying Flogas Cylinders

Our future supplies of bottled gas will be branded as Flogas rather than Calor Gas.

Over the last 12 months we have received a number of price increases from Calor that we were forced to pass on to our customers and that we felt were unwarranted. A further huge Calor price increase was due to take effect on Tuesday 2nd April.

We believe that Flogas can offer better value to both us and you, our customers. By changing to Flogas we have been able to delay, reduce and even remove the increase that Calor Gas were again trying to force upon us.

What does this mean for you? You probably won’t notice the difference.

The gas is the same. The cylinders and fittings are the same. You will still have your gas delivered on time, every time by innergy. It will be the same friendly and helpful service from innergy drivers and office staff. Our pricing will be even more competitive.

Our Mission Statement…

To delight our customers and achieve consistent profitable growth. We shall delight our customers with our industry expertise, friendly and passionate service, safe and dependable logistics and delivering upon our promises. We will achieve consistent and profitable growth through strong value acquisitions, opportune product and service diversification, providing a demanding but supportive working environment, efficient and effective logistics and constant improvement and innovation.

Our Customer Delight Guarantee To You…

Providing a timely, responsive service with integrity and a passion for excellence while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Remember, we are the only company to offer “Pricematch” – should you be offered lower prices, not only will innergy match those prices but we will also backdate them and credit you the difference!