Is it time you reviewed your Beer gas supplier?

If you’re searching for a more cost effective cellar and beer gas solution for your business, no matter how big or small it might be – we can offer you quality gas cylinders at affordable prices.

When innergy took on the cellar gas supply of a Yorkshire based pub group the savings were significant and immediate. But it wasn’t just about the money savings, service was a huge consideration too. “We would often be allowed to run out of gas, usually during our busiest periods, and then be charged for an emergency delivery. It was infuriating”. innergy reduced cylinder rental charges by 36% and gas prices by 26% compared to their previous well known national supplier.

For the pub owner, this amounted to thousands of pounds per year. “We have to work really hard to earn our money. This was a really easy way of increasing profit”. Even more importantly, there was an big improvement in service. “innergy deliver to our pubs every two-three weeks so we don’t need to always remember to order. On the odd occasion when we have had an unusually busy period and a Manager forgets to place an order, innergy have always been there the next day. And we don’t have to pay that infuriating ’emergency call out’ charge.”

Luke Mehta, Business Development Manager at innergy Group, explained “innergy supply hundreds of pubs, clubs and restaurants across the UK with their drinks dispense gases and equipment. We also supply many with their solid fuels and propane. We always say to potential customers that if we can’t save you at least 10% or £500 then we won’t bother you any further.”

During the recent epidemic crisis, innergy offered to waive all cylinder rental charges for their leisure industry customers. “We are a small business so we know our customers really well. Many are friends. We felt that we needed to help our friends in the pub and restaurant trade who have been particularly affected by lockdown measures. We stopped all cylinder rental charges from April and we will work with these customers to introduce phased and reduced charges as we, hopefully, see business return when the lockdown measures are relaxed from 4th July. As far as we are aware we are the only gas supplier to offer this support and the response from our customers has been overwhelming.”