Top Uses For 47kg Propane Gas Bottles

Our 47kg propane gas bottles are an ideal choice for customers who have no mains gas home energy supply. As the biggest propane gas bottle in our LPG product range, it is also not only suitable for domestic off-grid customers, but also for businesses with commercial needs. Here, we’ll take a closer look at some of the uses for this large cylinder of bottled gas.

Ideal For Off-Grid Homes

There are a growing number of homeowners in the UK who are choosing to live off-grid without connections to the mains gas supply. While some people have always lived in this way due to the remote location of their properties, others are switching to an off-grid lifestyle in an effort to be more eco-conscious and sustainable. 47kg propane gas bottles are large enough to heat off-grid homes and to enable those who live in them to cook their meals.

Perfect For Off-Grid Businesses

Due to the large size of a 47kg propane cylinder, it’s also a good option for those who require bottled gas for commercial purposes. Businesses can utilise these large propane bottles to heat large spaces and worksites when they are not connected to a mains gas supply. For example, LPG gas is an excellent heating solution for construction companies working on building sites that are not yet connected to the local infrastructure. They can provide sufficient power for large generators and heaters operating for extended periods of time in outdoor and commercial locations.

47kg propane gas bottle

Most Common Uses For 47kg Propane Bottles

Our customers choose 47kg propane bottles for several reasons, however some of the most common include:

  • In place of mains gas central heating in domestic properties
  • To power domestic cooking appliances
  • To heat off-grid worksites and commercial premises
  • At residential caravan parks
  • For agricultural and farming purposes

The Benefits Of A 47kg Propane Gas Cylinder

An advantage of choosing a 47kg propane cylinder is the low boiling point of propane. When compared with other LPG gases like butane, propane is able to be used in even the coldest temperatures, ensuring that the property can be heated and food can be cooked whatever the weather conditions outdoors. That is especially important for properties in areas where the temperature is likely to go below freezing since opting for a large propane gas bottle will ensure that heating all appliances is still possible all year round.

Thanks to the convenient size of our 47kg bottle, it’s also the best option for all customers who lack sufficient space to have a bulk LPG tank installed at their property. While the 47kg cylinder is large, and provides sufficient fuel to last for long periods of time, it’s compact enough to fit into most properties without difficulty.

47kg propane gas bottled being unloaded from vehicle

How Do I Buy 47kg Propane Bottled Gas?

If you need to purchase 47kg propane bottled gas, you need look no further than innergy. We offer unbeatable pricing along with extremely reliable and efficient supply services. We will deliver your gas cylinders to you direct with no downtime, ensuring that you can keep your power going.

While you can purchase most of our LPG bottled gas range from our convenient online store, you will need to enquire with us to get a quote for our 47kg propane bottles. Of course, you can rest assured that you’ll benefit from the best possible pricing and outstanding customer service when you order from us, so just get in touch with our helpful team today. We make it a breeze to switch your propane supply to us.