What Gas Is Used On A Forklift?

Propane gas is the fuel used to power gas-powered forklift trucks. Offering an efficient, clean burning, and user-friendly fuel solution, propane gas represents an excellent choice for businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint while also boosting productivity.

There are two different sizes of propane gas bottle for forklift truck applications. Here at innergy, we stock both an 18kg gas bottle and an 11kg FLT propane gas bottle to suit the needs of all our customers.

Benefits Of An LPG Forklift

LPG forklifts are just one kind of forklift truck. There are also diesel and electric-powered models available. Nevertheless, these days, LPG and electric forklifts are most commonly used by businesses, and of these two options, LPG FLTs offer the most benefits.

Across a broad spectrum of sectors, forklift trucks have a vital part to play in managing stock and distribution and moving around goods between locations. Unlike electric-powered FLTs that gradually lose power as the battery runs down, LPG forklifts continue to function optimally right to the end of the propane gas bottle and then it’s simply a case of switching to your refill gas bottle.

LPG models have a lower maintenance requirement when compared with diesel forklifts, saving businesses money in the long run, especially if a large forklift fleet is required. As LPG has a cleaner burn than diesel, companies are able to reduce their carbon footprints by opting for an LPG-powered forklift fleet, achieving their environmental targets while also improving the air quality in the work environment for the workforce.

LPG forklift truck in warehouse

An LPG forklift represents the best option for warehouses and factories where vehicles are used both outdoors and inside the building. Diesel vehicles can only be used in an outdoor environment due to the emissions they produce which restricts their usage and makes them a less versatile and flexible solution for industrial applications.

Since LPG-powered FLTs can be refuelled in minutes by simply swapping the empty gas bottle with a refill, LPG FLTs cause no downtime, ensuring that warehouse production can continue smoothly and without interruption. This is a great improvement over electric-powered FLTs which need to be charged for extended periods of time, resulting in significant delays in work production, or larger numbers of forklifts which increase capital costs.

With all of these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see why LPG-powered forklifts are such a popular choice with all kinds of businesses.

Why Choose innergy Group

We take great pride in offering the highest possible level of service to our customers. Our customer delight guarantee proves that we go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ satisfaction with the products that we supply and the efficient, speedy service that we deliver.

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We’re committed to making it as easy, quick, and convenient for our customers to order their LPG gas bottle and gas refills as possible. Customers can just give us a call to place an order for the LPG gas bottle refills that they require, and they can have their bottle gas delivered direct to their premises as and when they need it.

Depot manager serving customers

As a trusted Flogas supplier, we can even save our customers time and effort by making regular deliveries to their site on a specific day, allowing them to operate their business seamlessly and efficiently without having to worry about placing an order or facing delays while they wait for their gas bottles to arrive. Alternatively, collection from any of our depots is an available alternative.

LPG gas quality is of vital importance. When you choose innergy to supply your FLT Flogas gas bottles, you can be confident that all the commercial gas we supply complies with the British Standard for Commercial Propane (BS4250:2014). Our primary source of gas is a new aerosol grade of gas from the UK’s newest, most modern refinery, operated by Flogas, which means that you can rest assured that you’ll only ever receive the highest quality gas when you buy from us.

Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word that we’re your top choice for all your gas bottle needs. Our many satisfied customers stand testament to the quality of our products and the outstanding service that we provide.

We take pride in offering a consistent service that many other suppliers simply aren’t able to match, as is proven by a review we recently received from a new customer who came to us because they were experiencing difficulties with their previous provider.

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To find out more about how innergy can supply your forklift gas, please get in touch with us today.