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Flogas cylinders delivered to your business premises. LPG for forklifts and fleets, catering, heating and more.

Having a reliable relationship with a gas supplier you trust is crucial for business – making sure you’re never left at a loose end with your business suffering because your supply’s run out. That’s why, at innergy, we offer a highly popular Business Response service.

Our Business Response service means we will deliver your Flogas cylinders to your premises regularly and automatically, without you needing to call. Need a gas top-up every two weeks, or just once a month? Either way, we’ll be right on time.

Why our customers choose innergy

Not only are our prices highly competitive, our service also comes with personality and expertise. Our customers comment on how friendly and easy to work with we are, and that’s core to our business, along with our promptness in being able to deliver same-day or next-day.

What is LPG?

Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) is better known as propane or butane. It’s a mixture of hydrocarbon gases that are mostly used for heating as well as to fuel vehicles.

Propane vs Butane

The main difference between propane and butane is that propane has a lower freezing point than butane, so it can withstand colder conditions. Therefore, if you’re storing your gas outside, such as in an LPG tank, you should choose propane.


Propane can be used to fuel vehicles such as forklifts, farm equipment and fleet vehicles. 47kg propane cylinders are also often used to heat large commercial spaces and working environments, including warehouses, factories, garages and similar exposed areas.

Like propane, small butane cylinders are primarily used to power portable heaters which you can then place in select rooms on your premises.

Our Offering

We supply Flogas cylinders in a range of sizes and for a variety of uses. Our 19kg gas cylinders are ideal for mobile catering, such as burger vans, while our 11kg and 18kg gas cylinders are used for forklift trucks (FLT). Our larger LPG cylinders, up to 47kg, are often used for commercial heating.

Explore our range of Flogas for business below or contact us to find out more.

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