You’ll find everything you need in our welding and equipment range here at innergy.

We’ve got the very latest and greatest welding machines designed to get any job done, no matter the size. With a number of welding processes covered we’re positive you’ll find the best tool for the job. Not only do we supply welding machines but we also offer a wide range of equipment to help you with your welding. We value safety more than anything here at innergy so all of our products can be purchased alongside safety equipment to ensure you stay safe on the job at all times.

Gas Equipment

The gas equipment range available at innergy is designed and manufactured to give you the best performance possible. From optimum performance to great reliability, we’ve got you covered with our gas equipment, safety & PPE equipment as well as gas welding & brazing equipment. We stock a range of safety helmets, gas regulators and nozzles.

MIG Welding

MIG welding is today the most common industrial welding process due to the speed, versatility as well as the ease in which the process can be adapted to robotic automation. Take a look at our range of MIG Welding equipment.

TIG Welding

When compared to other processes, TIG welding offers greater control, it allows for stronger, higher quality welds. We offer TIG welding machines, torches, consumables and wires among other welding equipment.

Plasma & MMA

Plasma cutting is a process used to cut through metals such as steel and others of different thickness using a plasma torch. MMA welding is a process which offers high levels of mobility and simplicity. It also offers great flexibility as it can be used for a wide variety of metals such as steel, aluminium, nickel and copper alloys.