Keep Your Pints Perfect With A High-Quality Pub Gas Delivery Service

There’s nothing quite like sitting down in your favourite pub or restaurant and sipping on a freshly pulled pint of sparkling larger or cider, or an icy cold glass of post-mix cola or lemonade – it’s an experience that just can’t be had at home and what drives millions of British punters to their local each week.

Here at innergy Group, we understand the importance of hospitality venues and establishments such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and bars being able to serve their customers with quality beverages, from pints of lager to stouts and soft drinks.

The quality and consistency of these drinks depends largely on the gas used to mix and pressurise the beverage from cellar to glass. If the wrong gas is used, or it runs out too soon, the flavour and body of the drink being served is negatively affected, with flat pints and customer complaints being the end result.

Why Is Gas Important For Your Business?

The correct beer gas for your needs not only assists in giving the customer the flavour that they know and love, especially when it comes to lagers, but it can also prevent bacterial growth within the pipe system.

The pH value of drinks is also affected, giving an off flavour which comes across as too bitter or acidy. The gas is also the key factor in creating a good head on a pint for your customers to enjoy, and a tell-tale sign that the gas in use is not working right is a head which disappears quickly after pulling the pint.

What Types Of Pub Gas Can We Supply?

Looking for a CO2 beer gas supplier near you? As the premier beer gas supplier in the north of England, innergy Group is able to supply any kind of gas you need whether it’s a brand new bottle or a refill of existing ones. Some of the most in demand pub gases we supply include:

Pure CO2 – the pure form of carbon dioxide, this gas is used mainly for ciders and lagers, and post-mix drinks from a bag such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and Fanta.

A 70/30 mix– with approximately two-thirds nitrogen beer gas and one-third carbon dioxide, this mix is perfect for ales which need a smoothness rather than fizz, such John Smiths and Guinness.

A 60/40 mix – with just 60% carbon dioxide and the rest made up with nitrogen, this mixed beer gas can be used for specialist types of craft ale and lagers, as well as paler light ales.

Why Choose innergy Group For Your Draught Dispensers?

We’ve worked closely with hospitality and leisure venues for many years, and in this time we’ve got to know our customers very well, allowing us to always provide exactly what they need when they need it.

With us, you’ll always be guaranteed the best prices around for your establishment, always have the gas delivered exactly when you need it and will always have happy customers as a result.

As we supply a wide variety of gases, gas equipment and solid fuels, you can also purchase all the gas for your patio heaters, for heating and cooking, or solid fuels for your fire too.

Get in touch for a quote today and see how innergy Group can revolutionise your gas delivery service