Types Of Forklift Truck

When you’re choosing the right FLT truck for your business, you need to bear several factors in mind before making your final decision. Of course, you must consider its suitability for use in your working environment as well as your desired application, but one of the major considerations to keep in mind is the fuel type that it uses.

There are three fuel types to choose from for your forklift business – electric, diesel, and LPG forklift trucks. Here, we take a closer look at each of these options so you can make a well-informed purchasing decision.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts use either lead acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries to power the truck’s motor. The benefits of electric forklifts include no exhaust emissions for better workspace air quality, lower noise emissions, and greater eco-friendliness, but they take time to recharge, during which period they are unable to be used so for a round-the-clock operation, costly additional spare batteries will be needed. Electric forklifts should also be protected from wet weather as much as possible, which can be impractical depending on your usage requirements.

Diesel Forklifts

Diesel forklift trucks are heavy lifters and are perfect for outdoor work on surfaces that are uneven. Relatively reliable, they can be refuelled quickly but they require ongoing maintenance including filter and oil changes, and, of course, there is an ongoing cost for fuel. Furthermore, diesel forklifts produce fuel emissions which mean they’re only suitable for use in well-ventilated or open spaces.

LPG Forklifts

If you’re looking for a forklift truck, gas may be the way for you to go if you need a flexible option for both outdoor and indoor use. This type of FLT generally has a longer running time and is capable of lifting heavier loads when compared with electric-powered trucks.

Forklift truck gas cylinders are easy to obtain since this fuel type is becoming increasingly common and forklift gas refuelling is far faster than recharging a battery-powered truck. Furthermore, no extra batteries are required, thus reducing upfront expenses.

Although the cost of purchasing forklift truck gas bottles needs to be figured into the equation, it’s possible to buy LPG bottle gas for forklift trucks from reliable suppliers like innergy at affordable prices.

Where Can I Buy Forklift Gas Near Me?

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