Using LPG Bottles For Mobile Catering

The summer season is almost upon us again, and with it, the prospect of exciting outdoor events. From football matches to music festivals, and from family fun days to sports competitions, the warmer weather heralds the arrival of alfresco entertainment.

Nothing says summer like birds singing, the sun shining, and, of course, the enticing aroma coming from the countless snack vans up and down the country, catering for the hungry people attending these events.

LPG – The Best Choice For Cooking On The Move

Of course, no burger van could operate without an adequate supply of bottled LPG gas. It’s the perfect choice for cooking on the move thanks to its controllable and easy-lighting flame which makes catering with LPG just like using mains gas.

Reliable, versatile, and portable, LPG gas is also available nationwide, so it’s a convenient and cost-effective choice. The instant flame ensures that the appropriate cooking temperature can be reached instantly, and since it is blue, bright-burning, and cools faster than a standard mains gas burner it reduces the likelihood of an accident occurring.

LPG gas produces heat that is spread evenly across the hob, so there are no unwanted hot or cold spots to hamper food preparation. Since its low carbon output also produces fewer black marks to the under side of pans, cleaning times are also significantly reduced, minimising the requirement to regularly replace cookware. As only a little water vapour is released when using LPG gas, baking remains moist and succulent too, so customers are guaranteed to be satisfied with their meal.

With all of the above benefits in mind, it isn’t surprising that mobile caterers everywhere know the benefits of using LPG gas for all their food preparation needs. Not only does it offer economic advantages but it is also an environmentally sound choice, making it perfect for use in today’s eco-conscious climate.

Does LPG Gas For Mobile Catering Come In Different Sizes?

All mobile caterers have different requirements when it comes to their LPG gas supplies. That’s why we ensure that we can supply varying needs. You can choose between two different sizes of LPG gas bottle for your mobile catering van.

We can supply Flogas 19kg propane cylinders and 11kg propane cylinders, so you can be confident we can meet your cooking needs, no matter how many meals you need to prepare.

Why Buy From Us?

Here at innergy, we’re proud to be your first choice for all your mobile catering LPG gas needs. We supply cylinders both as new or on a refill and exchange basis.

We offer unbeatable prices and thanks to our customer delight guarantee, we’re convinced that you’ll be satisfied with the exemplary service that we provide. We believe that our countless impressive customer reviews stand testament to the quality of our products, service, and pricing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can supply your requirements and to receive a quotation.