Why LPG is the perfect choice to fuel your fleet

innergy Group is one of the largest bottled gas suppliers and we supply thousands of customers with Flogas butane and propane cylinders. Our forklift truck gas is one of our most popular cylinders.

When it comes to powering forklift trucks (FLT), logistics and manufacturing businesses have the option to choose from diesel, electric-powered or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We often have businesses call innergy having switched from diesel and electric to LPG forklifts. We will share with you just a few of the reasons why switching to LPG to fuel your forklift fleet is the right choice.

Cost- effective

The costs associated with LPG-powered trucks are much lower than with electric and diesel forklifts. You don’t need to constantly purchase expensive batteries, pay to dispose of batteries or worry about recharging equipment. LPG as an energy source for your forklift truck costs less to run; your forklift can run up to three times longer compared to electric powered forklifts so there is no downtime whilst you charge. You start to benefit from continuous running and savings straight away with bottled gas.

Refillable Gas Canister

Forklift truck gas bottles offer practically with the ease of fitting on the back of forklifts. The empty gas cylinder can be easily exchanged for a new 18kg FLT Propane cylinder to ensure that your forklift truck operates consistently.

The forklift truck gas bottles come in two sizes – the 18kg Propane is our largest and most popular cylinder, our 11kg cylinders are also often used for smaller vehicles, often our customers use both.

Lower emissions

LPG for forklifts is a much cleaner-burning fuel than diesel, which means your engines will generally last longer. LPG emits much less CO2 than diesel, with that it also leaves no residue, so you can worry less about potentially damaging build up in your forklift’s engine. LPG doesn’t leave any residual soot on the goods your FLTs handle, this is reassuring for businesses moving products such as food, pharmaceuticals, and textiles.

Power & flexibility

LPG-powered FLTs operate with a better power-to-weight ratio and far more responsive engines compared to diesel or electric forklifts. An LPG forklift can be used indoors whereas diesel FLTs can’t. Electric forklifts are also not suitable for prolonged periods of outdoor use, therefore, having an impact on productivity. LPG fuelled FLTs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor jobs.

For a business gas quote, contact innergy today and find out how we can help with your requirements. With our affordable LPG cylinders, customer delight guarantee, same or next day delivery and the many benefits associated with bottled gas for your forklifts, it’s clear to see why more and more businesses continue to switch to LPG for forklifts.